IKA WEEKLY – My heart intermittently grieves whenever my vivid imagination pictures the tragedy of Orie who at her early age (4 months) was muffled in a pit of fire, helpless and desperate for her life. This heart grief becomes accentuated, as the second fire burns within Orie; twenty-four years after she was nearly burnt to death by a mother’s careless disregard for her infant daughter.


Orie, a girl of destiny, who once looked like a badly carved art work now possess the epitome of God’s given beauty; but facing a second fire as she struggles for sponsors to pay her school fees, provide her adequately with an upkeep as well as to acquire an artificial arm from abroad in order to achieve her dream goals.


It would not sound impertinent to say that many politicians have not responded to the call to donate to Orie’s fund raising scheme. Why would people be so adamant to help the less privilaged and deformed, even when they are richly blessed by God. Are we so greedy that we cannot help this blood of ours? Must we give gifts to presidents’ wives, governors’ daughters, Kings and Queens because we want to showcase our wealth? Let us all not lose our perspective, for we are nothing but a pencil in the hands of the creator.


We must strive to put square pegs in square holes in order to remedy this second fire burning within our sister, Orie.


Therefore, I call on all Ika indigenes both at home and in diaspora, to respond to Ories immediate needs. “Charity” they say, ‘begins at home’. We must show good examples by donating to Orie’s fund before other people will join hands.

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