IKA WEEKLY – In recent times, there has been an upsurge in violent attacks on the people by unknown assailants, which has generated a lot of concern among the people of Ika nation. This ugly development is unprecedented because the people of Ika nation have never been associated with violence and crimes of such magnitude.


Ika Weekly has favourably been keeping our people abreast of all happenings within the locality, both the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, it has become something of great concern not only to those at home but equally those in diaspora.


Sometimes ago, it was reported that an elderly man of about 70 years old was shot dead in his sitting room, right in front of his little grand-daughter by unknown gun-men. Before the aforementioned incident occurred, this paper also reported that a  well known  figure in Ika land received a phone call one evening, only to go out to attend to the mystery call and never returned home alive. His body was discovered along a major road in Boji-Boji, Owa, the next day.


There was also the story of a group of hoodlums attacking and vandalizing a hotel in Agbor, in the process brutalizing a group of youngsters having a birthday party.


There is also the funny but serious report of a gang of gun-wielding young men who ambushed a middle-aged farmer at his farm and collected a pot of soup from him when it was realized that he could not provide money which was demanded by the attackers.


Just recently, a young man in his thirties (30’s) walked into our office, wearing a sad and deflated demeanor and narrated how he was waylaid by four armed young men one morning at about 6.30am on his way home from where he went to visit one of his customers. He stated that he was threatened with guns and his motor bike (Okada)  take away and said that it was divine providence that rescued him from the hands of his attackers, who were bent on eliminating him.


The above incidents portend grave consequences for our society, a society, which before now had enjoyed relative peace and tranquility.


We are yet to understand the rational behind these incessant attacks on the innocent people of Ika nation. But we   must be quick to point out that there is a strong correlation between upbringing and anti-social behaviours and activities. There is also the theory of massive unemployment that is today ravaging the country.


That is why it has become imperative for parents to wake up to their divinely-given responsibility to raise their children and wards in the fear of God and respect for human life.


Government and concerned citizens should look into ways of improving our socio-economic environment that could create the enabling environment for job opportunities for our teeming unemployed youths.


The appeal is in line with the saying that an idle man’s brain is the devils workshop.


Again, individuals involved in these nefarious and ungodly actions should henceforth desist from such acts for there is no positive dividends in engaging in the unwholesome tendency of criminality.

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