Osiegbu, account for 2.2 billion naira Orogodo river contract or face EFCC – HRRM

Sparks are flying and tempers are flaring in Ika land concerning the quality of work being done by the company handling the dredging of Orogodo river at the cost of 2.2 billion naira. A glance at the work being done would bring tears to the eyes of any sane person.


Apart from the apparent incompetence of the company handling the job, the method by which the 2.2 billion naira contract was awarded to the company by the commissioner of Environment Chief Lawrence Osiegbu who himself is an Ika man is eye popping.


One of the organisations at the front of the battle for accountability and ensuring that Orogodo river project be account for is Human Rights Restoration Movement.


Human Rights Restoration Movement has without mincing words, strongly condemned the poor handling of the Orogodo river dredging project. The group based in Agbor, noted with displeasure the manner in which the project which was said to have been awarded at the cost of 2.2 billion naira. Making the position of the Human right Organization known to press men, the international chairman Barrister Ifeanyi Agholor affirmed the Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan having considered Ika land as a major factor in his emerging as chief executive of the state deemed it expedient to reciprocate the good gesture and support of the people by awarding the contract of Orogodo river and expansion and renovation of the dilapidated old Lagos Asaba road and some other roads in the metropolis. The contract was therefore awarded through the ministry of Environment under the leadership of Chief Lawrence Osiegbu to Rotec Engineering Nigerian Limited.


Human Rights Restoration Movement said that a contract of such magnitude and great importance to the Ika people was given to a Rotec Nigeria Limited which was only recently registered with Corporate Affairs with just a hundred thousand naira share capital and two directors namely Roland Dore and Itse Dore instead of a reputable and tested construction company.


The group stated that from its article of memorandum Rotec was not registered for dredging and has never been involved in any dredging job anywhere in the country and therefore wondered why the Ministry of Environment would award such contract to Rotec.


To further prove Rotec?s incompetence, Rotec has Subletted all the jobs ranging from tarring of roads to dredging of the river to subcontractors. ?Who then is fooling who?? asked Barrister Agholor rhetorically.


According to Barrister Agholor, the organisation is calling on the Commissioner of Environment Chief Lawrence Osiegbu to respond to the issues of 2.2 Billion naira and other contracts given to Rotec Engineering Nigerian Limited and the jobs subletted by Rotec Engineering Nigerian Limited.


According to the Organisation, Ika people are no ready for any abandoned project. They then warned that failing to hear from Chief Lawrence Osiegbu, they will invite EFCC to investigate among others, the award of contracts which were not published in any national newspaper and never went through the Tender Boards.

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