Anyone against army deployment in Ika land is a pro-criminal element ? S.N Ileh

Members of Ika landlord association have praised the deployment of soldiers to Ika land as people can now sleep with both eyes closed unlike what obtained before their arrival. According to Sir. S.N Ileh, the spokesman for the association, anyone who is against the deployment of the soldiers is a pro-criminal element. The association, during a visit to the Ika South Local government area chairman Hon. Hilary Ibude, advocated for a military barrack to be built in the metropolis.

Hon. Ibude, in response, said that apart from the deployment of the soldiers to assist the police in curbing the prevalent crime, about 950 youths have been partially employed through internally generated revenue drive to remove them from the street so that they may not become criminals since an idle mind is the devil?s workshop.

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