TOO MUCH PRESSURE! Osiegbu drags Rotec Engr. Company kicking and screaming before Ika people

After being inundated by phone calls, newspapers and online reports and  protests from Ika people, Commissioner of Environment Chief Emmanuel Osiegbu last week dragged the Managing director of Rotec Engineering responsible for the dredging of Orogodo river to explain themselves to Ika nation stake holders at Legend Hotel, Boji Boji Owa.


During the tensed meeting Mr. Roland, Rotec?s managing director expressed dissatisfaction over the constant negative publicity in newspapers and public complaints about his company.


He stated that the company had neither abandoned the work nor used substandard equipment as is being rumoured. He further noted that the recent break in the dredging was due to persistent rainfall which he complained has caused his company to lose huge amount of resources. He promised that as soon as the rain stops work will commence at the various sites.


Mr. Roland said, during the meeting, that he wasn?t conversant with rainfall in Ika South and Ika North east hence Rotec suffered series of problems immediately the rainy season started. According to him, it took the effort of the Commissioner of Environment, Chief Emmanuel Osiegbu, who brought experts, advised him on the next line of action to take.


In attendance of the meeting which was presided over by the commissioner of Environment, were human right activists, Chairmen of Ika South and Ika North East areas and Boji Boji landlords.

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