Tears as Chekume Emma Omeodon buries wife

On Friday 26th September 2008, Agbor-obi was in a mournful mood as family, friends and well-wishers from all over Nigeria consoled Mr. Chekume Emma Omeodon, a Lagos based businessman, as his wife, Late Mrs Rita Omeodon was laid to rest.


Late Mrs. Rita Omeodon passed away at the age of 34 leaving behind two young children. Chekume and Rita had been married for about four years before Rita?s transition. Even acquaintances who spoke to Ikaworld.com talked glowingly at the fantastic relationship between Chekume and Rita and wondered how he is going cope with this loss.


Mr. Chekume Emma Omeodon and his late wife lived at Agor Palace road, Isolo Lagos until the passing of Rita. Chekume is a well known graphic specialist in Lagos 

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