Chairman of the P.T.A, Elder E.O. Okoh in his address, welcomed the members of
the association to the meeting and thanked them for the massive turn out,
saying that it goes to show that they have the interest and progress of their
children at heart. He enumerated the projects that they embarked on and
commissioned on that day, ranging from the 25 arm and 60 armless chairs and 55
tables for both staff and students in the staff room and computer room, and the
electricity and wiring project. He applauded the P.T.A?s efforts and encouraged
them to continue in their strides saying that the projects have helped to
improve the students condition of learning in the computer room, especially
with regular power supply and said it has also enhanced teachers comfort in the
staff room.


enjoined members and appealed to them to give the approval for the collection
of N1, 000 as PTA levy from each student in order to achieve their set goals.
He said that the money will be used to construct toilet facilities, school
band, electricity plant, fishpond and to enable them offset their outstanding.
He reminded the members that the government cannot do everything and said that
when the government executes some projects and the PTA executes others,
development will be fostered in the school and will be seen through the
performance of their children. He particularly thanked the principal of the
school, Mr. G.I. Ijegbulem for his ingenuity, untiring effort and selfless
commitment towards the planning and execution of the projects in order to raise
the standard of the school.


the chairman?s address, the financial report was given by the Treasurer, Rev.
Rich Apaokwueze who gave a detailed break-down of how the association?s purse
had been used. He stated that after the total collection of N800 P.T.A levy
from each students, a total income of N476, 700:00 was realized while total
expenditure came to N471, 942.38 excluding the outstanding debt of N55, 990.
Prince C.M. Gbenoba moved the motion for the adoption of the report as a
working material and was seconded by Mr. Okolie.


Principal of the school, Mr. G.I. Ijegbulem collaborated what the two
executives had said, saying that the feat that was achieved is not an easy one,
but that it was successful because of the support and co-operation of the
parents. He, particularly, thanked the new executive whom he termed ?a working
and united exco?. He said that his goal for the school is that it becomes a
renowned school that can be reckoned with in the society. He said he is very
happy that discipline is now the watchword of the school, particularly in the
area of punctuality and students conduct but said that all these did not come
in just one day but by sacrifice. He advised parents to do their best to help
teachers do theirs. He also spoke on the projects to be embarked on, saying
that the fishpond is to enhance the Agricultural participation of their
students and in turn, help their performance. He said that the fishpond project
will help in the Public/Private Partnership (PPP) where other schools will come
for their practicals in the school and will be taught by the students, who will
be actively involved in the project, adding that the fish will also help
generate fund, which will be ploughed back into the P.T.A purse for more
development. Added to this, the principal told them of the 650 oil palm trees
planted last year which he said will help to beautify the school, check land
encroachment and generate funds in later years.

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