Ika South 2009 Proposed Budget – Editorial


Budget which was christened ?Budget of Actualization and Consolidation? is to
expand the infrastructural development of Ika South Local Government Area. In
the words of Hon. Ibude, it is majorly to enable his administration to deliver
the much expected dividends of democracy to the people on whose mandate they
came into office.


budgetary proposal which totaled N1,503, 908, 210.00 (one billion, five hundred
and three million, nine hundred and eight thousand, two hundred and ten naira)
covers Recurrent Expenditure of N691, 358, 210.00, and Capital Expenditure of
N812, 550, 000.00.


is not the amount of money budgeted that is of interest to this paper but the
open manner by which the Hon. Ibude-led administration has been managing the affairs
of the Ika South council. Since his assumption of office, the young man has
exhibited a most welcome open door policy that has endeared him to the people
of Ika South. He has shown himself in the few months he has been around to be a
people oriented leader.


of the iniatives his administration has brought to bear in the discharge of its
statutory duties and responsibilities are novel. People have continued to be
thrilled by his style of administration that strives to make the people part of
his government. Unlike before, when those who have held swey at the council
built an imaginary wall of separation from the people they were presumed to be


people from Ika South were pleasantly surprised to read in the papers the
publication of the budget, which the chairman presented to the Legislative arm,
something a lot of them said they have not heard of before now.


paper is of the strong view that such attitude and policy to governance will
tremendously improve the relationship of the government and the governed, when
those occupying public offices and spending public money make their activities
open to the people.


are therefore applauding the human face that Hon. Ibude has brought to bear in
the running of the Ika South local Government, which before now was bedeviled
with bad and unaccountable administrations, most of whom almost ran the council


It is a healthy development that should be commended
by the people. It will give the people of the local government to closely follow
the government?s developmental agendas. And when the need arises, make
constructive contributions -hat will help in moving the local government

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