t  ?It is good to
give honour to him who honour is due,? was respectfully demonstrated recently
by some representatives of the Low Cost Housing Estate and environs in Orogodo,
Ika South Local Government Area, LGA, when they visited the Chairman of the
area, Hon. Hilary Ibude, in his office on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. It was
indeed a time to let him know that the people are in full support of his good
works and to pray for his successes throughout his tenure in his office.


group, led by the Chairman of that Community, Mr. S.I. Uwakime, said they have
come to say ?thank you? for the numerous work the Local Government has embarked
upon since the new administration came to power. They gave Kudos to the Local
Government boss for paying attention to the numerous dilapidated roads in the
area. Mr. Agholor, one of the landlords in the area said he was particularly
happy for the grading of Aziken
Avenue and some other parts of the road in the
area.  ?We are happy for what we are
seeing now. In the past it was not like this. You are making a history that
will be difficult to erase. The people are in support of you and we are all
praying for you,? he said. He urged the Chairman not to relent in his effort
towards taking the local government to greater heights.


in the same vein, Pastor Ndidi Nwagbogwu, Vice Chairman of the Community
representatives, said that the group is highly impressed by the level of work
that is going on in the local government area. He said that King Solomon asked
God to give him wisdom to enable him lead the children of Israel.
However, because he did not ask for riches, God gave Solomon, not only wisdom,
but riches that surpassed those of other kings everywhere. He stated that God
has given the Chairman the wisdom, and will continue to enable him to carry the
local government along. He promised to always pray for the Chairman and his
executives for God to guide and guard them throughout their tenure in office.


to the accolades of the group, the Local Government boss, Hon Ibude said that
he has come to serve the people that placed him in that position, and that his
promise is to do his best in the local government. ?I am here for a common
interest.  I will do my best to make this
place a better place for everyone to get a fair deal. I am still coming to
visit the area, and by next year, with government support, some of the projects
in that area will be carried out, ? he promised the group. He also revealed
that a bulldozer would be delivered to the local government that very day. This
he said, will enable the local government to do most of the work in the area.
He thanked the community representatives for visiting the secretariat and
promised to contribute his quota towards the development of their area.


High point of the visit was the presentation of a gift to the
local government boss by the group. Those present at the occasion also include
Mr. Philip Kemelie, Alhaji Amori Abdulaziz, Mr. Agholor Ndudi, Mr. C.A.
Okoduwa, Mrs. Esther Agborkwue and Miss William Ovoke.

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