Rev. Fr. Abude who gave the
commendation, on Wednesday when he paid a courtesy visit to Ika Weekly office
said that Hon. Ibude has done wonderfully well for the L.G.A. ?It?s been truly
wonderful to see the different projects being executed by the council. New
roads such as Ediken are being constructed while there has been massive
rehabilitation of others such as Odozi
Street, which has been tarred, Isede, Okoh and
Prof. Ebie. Honestly, his administration has done beautifully well, and I do
appreciate his effort and commitment,? he noted.


The reverend gentleman
stated that prior to the coming of Hon. Ibude, the people had thought that the
best the council could do was to pour sand on roads without even grading them
but however noted that it is a pleasant surprise to see that the council is tarring
roads, using good durable materials and equally acquiring earth moving


He observed that the work
is not restricted to the Orogodo metropolis but that it goes far into the
villages, adding that the major road in Emuhu has been graded by the council,
just like other rural communities in the L.G.A.


According to him, the
council chairman has promised to clear all roads leading to any water point, so
that those places will become centers of attraction, noting that when all roads
are opened up, development will spread to such areas and people will appreciate


Rev. Fr. Abude listing Hon.
Ibude?s achievements which include an office complex built at the secretariat,
the complete renovation of Ika National Hall, new block for the Delta State Library
in Agbor and many more, called on political leaders in Ika South to rally round
the chairman, whom he noted has made the people proud.


While saying he appreciates
the efforts of the council boss, Rev. Fr. Abude encouraged him and his team not
to relent in what they are doing to transform Ika South. He reminded the
chairman that people are appreciative of what he is doing, stressing that ?It
is the appreciation of people that matters most and not the money political
officers chose to pile up for themselves. It is better to enjoy the lasting
goodwill of the people rather than leaving office and nobody says any good
thing about you.


?There are people after
leaving office, because of their bad records cannot walk in public with their
heads held high. When they walk along the streets people will not appreciate
them. A lot of former political office holders have been consigned into
nothingness and oblivion because they chose to concentrate on themselves and
family alone while in office.


?It is wonderful what this
young man is doing, I will say we have not had it this good. I appreciate it so
well. And our people are looking forward to having much more accomplished I
pray that God will continue to bless him and members of his team. We will
continue to pray for them and all those in authority both at local, state,
federal levels and equally for our royal and spiritual fathers, for God?s
wisdom and direction? he concluded.               

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