According to Ika Weekly source,
the two friends both traveled to Asaba for an assignment. When they were
through with their mission, the married one decided that her friend accompany
her to her husband?s office. The source further said that the husband received
them very well and they later went to his apartment in Asaba before they
eventually left for Agbor.


The source also said that within
the same week, the single lady friend came to her friend, inquiring whether her
husband will be visiting home over the weekend, to which the married woman
replied in the negative, as according to her, they have seen for the week.


Unknown to her, the single lady
was scheming to visit her friends husband, that she was bent on knowing the
movement of the man. She allegedly went home, prepared a delicious meal and
left for Asaba, where she spent the whole weekend with her friends husband.


The source further said that luck
ran out of the cheating friend when they ran out of fuel, as her friend?s
husband was taking her home to Agbor and so had to refuel at one of the filling
stations in Agbor. And that was when the brother to the man?s wife, his
brother-in-law, saw them at the filling station.


The source further revealed that
the Youngman went to his sister?s house, hoping to find the husband at home,
but received a very rude shock, when his sister confessed that her husband did
not come over for the weekend. That was when the youngman allegedly told his
sister what he saw earlier in the day. But the sister did not believe him. They
then decided to visit her girl friends home.


To say she was shocked was an
understatement, when she found her husband in her friends home. It was revealed
that none of them (both husband and bad friend) were able to utter any word as
she rained curses on them.           

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