a press conference addressed by the Leader of the Collective Leadership of Onu
Ika, Nigeria, Sir S.P.O. Fortune Ebie on Saturday 9th May, 2009 at
Agbor, he said that the group ?expresses it?s disappointment and its anxiety
over the non completion of the Orogodo river dredging, as well as the
construction of the Old Lagos/Asaba road and other adjoining roads connected
with the erosion control programme in Ikaland?.


noted that the state at which most roads in the metropolis are, is highly
deplorable, saying that Onu Ika condemns the neglect of roads in the area and
the abandonment of the Orogodo river dredging project.


the perennial darkness the entire Ikaland has been experiencing for a long
time, the group called on the federal government to expedite action on the
?Step Down Transformer? project for the area, which they noted has been on for
more than 15 years. ?The equipment for the project are rotting away, with many
of them being vandalized. We want to however draw the attention of the
government to this critical issue. We are ready to give details of the project
and show them where the equipment are, if they contact our secretariat at 140
Old Lagos/Asaba road, Agbor. We want the project to be completed so that our
people can enjoy regular supply of electricity? The group stressed.


Ebie disclosed that Onu Ika was very interested in making sure another Ika
person, who is duly qualified succeeds the current Provost, of the College of Education, Agbor Dr. Emmanuel Tibi,
whose tenure will experience in a few months times. According to him ?it is our
resolve that the present Provost be succeeded by another Provost of Ika ethnic
extraction who is, duly qualified. There are precedence for this in other
Colleges of Education, where an individual of a particular ethnic nationality
was succeeded by the another person of the same ethnic group. So, our own will
not be different. This College is in Agbor and there is no reason why our very
well qualified sons cannot succeed one another?.


the recent attempt by some persons to create another kingdom in Ikaland, Sir.
Ebie said that ?Onu Ika frowns at the balkanization of any of the kingdoms in
Ika ethnic nation, and in particular the proposed balkanization of Akumazi kingdom.
Such things must not be allowed to happen under any circumstance?. He remarked
that Onu Ika was fully behind all the traditional monarchs in Ika land, adding
further that if such is allowed to take place, the consequence is that it could
lead to further balkanization of other kingdoms.


Leader of the Collective Leadership, disclosed that members of Onu Ika are
being encouraged to establish mini credit facilities for the very poor
womenfolk throughout the eleven kingdoms of Ika ethnic nationality. He said the
programme has taken off in Agbor-Alidinma and Boji Boji metropolis, and
promised that the programme will soon commence in other areas.


Ebie disclosed that Umunede kingdom will be hosting this year?s Ogwa Ika  and Ika Kanma lectures which will run between
19th and 21st August, noting that the Ika World
Conference will hold at Ika National Hall, Agbor on 21st August.
According him ?It will be the first time we are holding the world conference.
Our sons and daughters in Diaspora are expected to come to participate in the
conference, so as to give us the opportunity to examine our past, look at the
present and project for what will happen to the Ika ethnic nationality in the


disclosed that Onu Ika is in the process of preparing the 3rd
edition of Ika Directory, but however stated that further announcement would be
made on the issue. He, on behalf of the socio-cultural group acknowledged Ika
Weekly newpaper and commended the publisher, Mr. Steve Ekiri Mekiriuwa Ashien
for his patriotic zeal in seeing helping to move Ika forward with the
publication of Ika Weekly.

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