Reacting to the ugly
incident on Sunday 24th May, 2007 at Owanta-Aliosimi, an indigence
of the community, Chief Gabriel Nwachukwu Egwu said there was the need for the
people especially the youths to maintain peace, as violence will not achieve
any positive result.


While disclosing that he
was informed of the sad development through a phone call, Chief Egwu said that
the suspects according to Hon. Eluro are those people who are involved in land
settlement issue and the dissolution of the two land offices.


He however noted that the
Owanta-Idumuetor Youth Federation of which he is president has waded into the
matter to resolve it amicably. He pledged that the Federation was absolutely
behind the dissolution of the land offices, adding that they are in support of
the Obi of Owa Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Dr. Emmanuel Efeizomor II (JP) to the
extent that he wants peace to reign in Owanta-Idumueto community.


The Youth Federation
President said the body holds firmly that the resolution of Owanta-Idumuetor
problem as regards land matters rest squarely on the people of community. ?We
are therefore asking agents of disaffection, disharmony, disunity, the greedy
and self-centred among us to shilt their swords for communal interests and
progress. We must all realize that Owanta-Idumuetor is an indivisible whole,
made up of three quarters. Nothing can break us apart. What we are interested
in is development and not unrest? he said.


Chief Egwu who was
visibly distraught over current happenings in his native Owanta-Idumuetor
community, said ?there was the need to correct some notions and put matters straight.
We are in disarray because of the actions of Bar. Ifeanyi  Agholor and his father, Barr. J.K. Agholor.
They have been working against the community. We are calling on them to stop
collecting illegal land registration fees from non-indigences of Owanta-Idumuetor,
especially in Boji-Boji Owanta metropolis.


?Owanta-Idumuetor Youth
Federation?s position is that pending the institution of a reformed
Owanta-Idumuetor land office, all land registration activities remain
suspended. For now we are mourning our late Okparan-uku, Oshonu Ekugu. Until
the burial ceremony is concluded, all land registration activities are put on


?We, members of the Youth
Federation are appealing to all our elders, brothers, mothers and sisters in
the three constituent villages to be patient as we sort out these issues. We
also appeal to Barr. Ifeanyi Agholor and his father, Barr. J.K. Agholor to
withdraw the fictitious petitions of armed robbery and threat to lives against
the Obi of Owa and Hon. Eluro. We do not want to institutionalize brigandly
neither do we want to be supportive of actions that could jeopardize Owa
Traditional institution and practices.


?We want to use these
medium to appeal to the Obi of Owa to remain the father he has been. He should
remember that he is father of everyone in his domain and should therefore not
be stringent on taking decisions regarding the behaviour of some of his


Meanwhile, the
Owanta-Idumuetor Youth Federation has issued a communiqu? after the meeting it
held on the 16th May, 2009 at Okwue Town Hall.
The communiqu? states among other things that.

All youth of the three (3) constituent
communities hereby decide to unite to foster peace and development.

We reject violence of any form and magnitude
except we have exploited all forms of other means of resolution, then may be
the only last and alternative resort.

youth without clean records and integrity shall be selected/elected to
represent us/our interest at any level.

We look inward and devise more sources of
revenue generation for Owanta-Idumuetor: Afia Obi Market, Afia Ugbo Market and
Boji-Boji Ultra Modern Market

Our youths must desist from being influenced
by any negative person/groups and have a change of attitude.

We shall give due regards to all elders and
Ikparans of Owanta-Idumuetor.

A new reformed Land Office shall be
established with a proper representation of the three (3) communities.

The association of Onyezuafia Orierere
(Property dealers) should be invited for negotiation and possible mode of

The youths shall make publication in Ika
Weekly Newspaper against and diassociate themselves from the court suits
involving the land of the three (3) communities.

shall be the restructuring of the Land Office, to include:

A paid Administrative Secretary ? who shall be
a daily office worker in the land office and will be involved in the day to day
activities of the Land Office. This should take effect after the restructuring
of the land office.

A method of appreciating/giving of stipend to
Land Officers shall be worked-out.

Companies operating within the
Owanta-Idumuetor domain shall be made to comply with their social
responsibilities; especially in the area of indigenous employment and

youths of Okwue, Osimi and Edie in the ratio of 5:4:3 respectively be selected
to work as task force for Owanta-Idumuetor Land Office.

forth, all land registration payments should be made through the bank and no
payment should be made in cash.

all monies payable to the land office; be made together and split into various
community?s interest/need.

non-indigenes of Owanta-Idumuetor shall make payment for lands purchased.

 His Royal Highness, The Obi of Owa is
requested to appoint ONLY an Owanta-Idumuetor chief to represent him at
Owanta-Idumuetor land office.

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