Hon. Ulebor who
granted  an exclusive interview to Ika
Weekly when he was cornered at an event at Agbor recently said that he has long
started functioning in his new office as the chairman of PDP in Ika South.

Below is the excerpt of the media interaction;

May we meet you sir?


I am Hon. Isaac Dada
Ulebor. And by the grace of God, I am currently the chairman of our great
party, People Democratic Party in Ika South Local Government Area.


Can you explain how you emerged?


On the 20th
April, 2009, there was a Special National Convention of the PDP at Abuja. As you must be
aware, it is normal for political Parties to hold special convention, where
they make necessary changes when there is need for it. The one held recently by
the PDP was where I was made the chairman of the party in Ika South.


Some persons are
insinuating that your name was only super imposed on the delegate list?


If I may ask, who are those making such
insinuations. They are not politicians. If you must know, we
are ruled by law and not by men. PDP is a constituted body. We went to the
convention and by the grace of God I emerged as the party chairman. Don?t
forget that every two years there is always a convention where decisions are
taken by party leaders.


Are you now saying that you are the authentic
chairman of the party in Ika South?


The party is owned by the
leaders. If all the leaders of PDP in the LGA, State and National level
unanimously agreed that I should be the party chairman, which I am today, there
is nothing anybody can do about it. I am however surprised that the erstwhile
chairman took the party to court. He equally emerged in 2007 Convention. I was
there at the Delta State Governor?s Lodge, Abuja, where his name was announced. Nobody
challenged it because the leaders had decided. I wonder why he has chosen to
take people to court. Nobody owns the party. I, for instance is not going to
remain the chairman forever. When the time comes for me to go I will gladly
disengage. It is against the party?s constitution for any member to take the
party to court. There is a disciplinary action against that. In 2007, I was one
of those who contested the party chairmanship, but somebody else emerged, and
now it is my time. Party has its own way of doing things. The issue of my name
being super ? imposed on the Delegate list is not true. My candidature was duly
signed by party leaders at the local, state and national levels. If anybody is
saying my name was super-imposed, I make bold to challenge them to produce the
one where any other name was listed as PDP chairman in Ika South removed and
super imposed my name.


When will you start to operate in your office?


I have already started
using party facilities and property including the official car, which has been
given to me. I have been calling meetings and party faithfuls have been
responding very well. For now we trying to see how we can win more people to
the PDP. We are playing an inclusive politics and not politics of exclusion.
The Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Hon. Martin Okonta has set up a
reconciliatory committee headed by Hon. Chief Sunny Akpenyi to harmonize our
people. I am a member of that committee. We promise to carry everybody along.
We will meet all party elders and leaders to assist us in organizing and
repositioning the party towards assisting the governor to achieves his 3 point


What is your assessment of the Uduaghan?s administration
in the last two years?


Sincerely speaking,
governor Uduaghan is doing excellently well. He has done so well especially in
engendering peace. Delta
State is relatively
peaceful. When there is peace, social infrastructural development can take
place . The state as you know is a volatile place but the governor has
succeeded in entrenching lasting peace. He should be given kudos.


On Ika South Chairman?s one year in office?


If you ask me, I will say
Hon. Hilary Ibude has done well especially with regards to the purchase of
graders, caterpillar, and tippers and of course some of the structures he has
put up in just one year. Those machineries he brought will outlive his tenure.
Other chairmen coming after him (in the next 15 years) will make use of them.
There is a way I value things. I am always very objective. That I have not
benefited personally from him does not mean I will not credit him with the
achievements he has so far recorded. Again, he is a humble young man. Such
disposition will get him far. I advise him to keep it up and to also continue
with the good work he is doing.


On message to PDP faithfuls in Ika South.     


They should all come
enmasse so we could work to deliver the dividends of democracy to our people.
They should shun faction. They should also learn to respect party leaders and
more importantly constituted authority. They should work for the success of the
party. Our people should imbibe the culture of respecting their leaders. For
instance, the fact that I may not have the same political ideology with some
political leaders does not mean I will not have respect for them, as a party
leaders in the LGA. We must have respect for leaders of the party irrespective
of political ideology. I will want to use this opportunity to apologise to the
people of Ika South particularly the Queen Mother, Queen Victoria Ikechukwu and
Dr. Cairo Ojougboh over a recnt publication in the vanguard where the former
PDP Chairman used unguarded statements. I apologize on his behalf because he is
still our brother, friend and party member. Our people should learn to respect
traditional institutions, constituted authority and party leadership.


I want to also commend
our representative at the state level, Rt. Hon. Martin Okonta, who incidentally
is the Speaker of the House of Assembly. He has done well. I like his ideas and
the way he has been handing the affairs of the House. He has also influenced
social infrastructe to Ika South. I thank all who has given me the needed
support. I promise to work with all and sundry, irrespective of political

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