Women battle over bag of corn

No fewer than 20 market women gathered around a bag of corn at the Ebu-Owa market located along Owa-Ekei road in Ika North East Local Government Area which resulted in fierce struggle that culminated in a fight between two women on the 25th of May, 2009.

According to an eye witness account, the power tussle which took place between one Miss Anita Okwe claiming ownership of some selected corn on the floor while in the same vein, Mrs. Vero was claiming same about the set of corn on the floor that Anita stated was hers.

As gathered by our reporter, corn season introduces good business for those who engage in it. This food crop is brought in from nearby villages to the market and are sold cheaply but buyers who will later sell it after it has been either boiled or roasted in other to make gain, can go to any extent to get corn.

According to an eye witness, simply known as Mr. Ojogwun, he stated that Ebu-Owa market is one renowned for fresh crops than any other market in Agbor and as a result, numerous persons come to the market to buy food like corn in its season.

He went on to add that due to the rush for this food crop, the market is disorderly as it does not have enough stalls for the sale of products thereby making the entire place uncomfortable for proper buying and selling to take place peacefully. He used the medium to plead to Ika North East Local Government Council and the Delta State Government to help build enough stalls and create more space for buying and selling to take to be done with ease.

According to sources, the fight that took place between Anita and Mrs. Vero shows that Delta State which is rich in oil can hardly feed its populace. They claimed that the fight and struggle over corn would not have taken place, if there were enough aerable farm lands, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals and that will enhance productivity of farmers.

They used the medium to appeal to Delta State Government to help place Deltans in better light before other states and the rest of the world and to ensure that fight over food does not repeat itself in the nearest future.

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