IKA WEEKLY – The Ika South Local Government Council has been reorganized by the Local Government Chairman, Hon. Hilary Ibude, on Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at the Local Government Secretariat, Agbor. It was an executive reshuffle that saw about five office holders being moved to different departments within the Local Government Council.


Speaking to Ika Weekly in his office, on behalf of the Council Chairman, the former Supervisory Councilor for Special Duties, who is now holding the portfolio of Environment, Hon. Victor Okocha, said that the change which was carried out immediately after the executive meeting on Tuesday, June, 2009, was done with the purpose of ensuring an effective and efficient management within the council. Hon Okocha who said that no one of the executive office holders was dropped due to their previous commendable performances, also stated that the Cabinet reshuffle was not as a result of the council?s attainment of one year in office. He told Ika Weekly that with the officers newly posted to other departments, the council will witness a lot of change for the better within a short period of time. He gave names of those who the cabinet reshuffle were affected and their portfolios as follows, Hon Festus Izoje who was formerly for works, was transferred to the Agric department. Hon Izoje is the Vice Chairman of the council. Hon Sunny Tatabuzogwu was transferred from the Heath department to Works, while Hon. Victor Okocha was moved from his Special Duties office to the Environment Office. Others who were also affected by the reorganization include Hon. Chris Ibude who was transferred from the Environment department to the Health Ministry. Hon. I Nmonyem was transferred to Special Duties department from his former office, Agriculture.


Also during the executive meeting that was held on the same date, it was resolved by the executive council, that contracts for the execution of different projects within wards of the Local Government Council will be awarded within two weeks of the executive meeting. Hon Okocha who said that when the council will begin to unfold the plans for the projects, no part of the local government area will be left untouched. He mentioned save of interest areas such as the award of bore hole water projects, improvement of electricity supply within the area, reconstruction of several roads in most of the villages and renovation of staff quarters.


Chairmans quarters, Director of Personel Management?s quarters, those of Engineering staff, Treasury staff, Secretary, works and the Administrative quarters, are also some of the projects that will be awarded within the month of June.


The Local Government boss also postulated that the sordid and untidy nature of both the Baleke and CTC markets situated within the Agbor metropolis, will soon be forgotten issues by the people of the area, as he has promised to give the two markets a facelift. He said that both buyers and sellers in the two markets have expressed their views regarding the two nerve centres of businesses within the area; and has promised to transform the two markets into places of international reckoning. He went further to reveal that a skill acquisition centre has already been established by the local government council where youths and unemployed person can go and learn different trades, ranging from soap making, cosmetics, tailoring, hairdressing and other skills. He promised that the Local Government will go further to empower those who will be willing to go to the centre and register for training which is also free; and that the individuals will be assisted by the local government to rent a shop after the completion of any of the skills acquired.


Hon. Okocha used the opportunity to invite those who are ready to learn, to take the available chance  and register for training which is currently going on. He also advised the people of Ika South Local Government to be patient and support the government, as there are still many good things that will be unfolded during their stay in office.

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