In the last few years there has been an unprecedented upsurge in criminal activities in Ika land. The ugly development which has impacted negatively on both affected families and the entire Ika nation can be traced to the high moral decadence prevalent in the society.


Since the beginning of this year, many people especially the younger ones have been consigned into the great beyond. Some of them were brutally murdered in broad day light in manners that suggest the crimes were carefully planned and carried out by equally organized criminal gangs.


Sadly none of the perpetrators of these heinous and condemnable crimes have been apprehended not to think of bringing them to justice. They have so far remained at large while more live are being wasted and families continually thrown into endless agony.


Just a few days ago the neigbourhood of Umudein by Ojeifo was thrown into confusion and mourning when a promising young lad was heartlessly murdered by yet to be identified persons.


According to Ika Weekly investigation, the deceased, Master Chukwuka Ojeifoh was shot through the chest right at the front of his family house where he was engaged in the business of sale of recharge cards and making of commercial phone calls.


In the words of the mother of late Chukwuka, Mrs. Ayo Ojeifoh ?My son was seating at the front our house, where he does his business of selling recharge cards and making phone calls when two youngmen who came on bike requested that Chukwuka sell some recharge cards to them. I never heard or saw them have any disagreement or exchange of words. All I heard was a loud gun shot that reverberated in the entire neighbourhood, and the next thing I observed was my son lying on the ground. I immediately rushed to his rescue only to see a pool of blood beside him?.


Mr. Ojeifoh who spoke amidst uncontrollable wailing and tears disclosed that the assailants sped off after shooting her son. She said they made away with two GSM handsets and some undisclosed number of recharge cards which were collected from her son.


She narrated that after the gun shot, efforts were made to save Master Chukwuka his life but lamented that he gave up the ghost before he could be taken to the hospital.


Master Chukwuka Ojeifoh, 18, was an ex-student of Gbenoba Grammar School, Agbor, where he was among those who sat for the just concluded 2009 West African School Certificate WASC examination. He was described as a young hardworking lad, whose ambition was to acquire higher education. Because of his industry and not wanting to be idle he set up the business he was doing before he has mercilessly cut down by unknown assailants.


Meanwhile, the corpse of late Chukwuka has been deposited at the Central Hospital, Agbor mortuary.


It should be recalled that some indigenes of Ika, resident abroad who came home on holiday have been killed in very questionable circumstances. It is therefore necessary that law enforcement agencies evolve ways and strategies of arresting this evil development in our land.  

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