The 2009 budget that was presented recently by Ika South Local Government Executive Chairman, Hon. Hilary Ibude, has been rejected by the Legislative arm of the Council. The revocation which took place on Tuesday June 16, 2009, was carried out after a series of deliberations by the Lawmakers at the Local Government Secretariat.


From a reliable source, Ika Weekly learnt that after the Legislators, led by their Leader, Hon. Alexander Azeru, had taken a critical look at the 2009 budget that was presented by the Chairman, it was discovered that the approved estimate of the 2009 budget that was duly signed by the Legislators, containing provisions for constituency projects for the Lawmakers, was not the one brought back to the Legislators for final approval.


Also rejected by the Legislators were the income and expenditure from October, 2008 to March 2009 that were forwarded by the Chairman for the Legislators? approval. Their argument was that the executive arm of the Local Government did not present a complete income and expenditure, which should have covered one fiscal year.


The source further revealed that this ugly development has generated some level of uneasiness between the Council Chairman, Councilors, and the Lawmakers, as it did not go down well with many of them. It was also learnt that two of the members of the Legislative arm have been receiving text messages from unknown persons, threatening to kill them and their colleagues in the Council for championing the action of the Lawmakers who have prevented the budget from being approved.  

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