A chieftaincy title holder in Akumazi Umuocha, Chief Charles Uzoma Egboh, the Ezenwiwe of Akumazi has been suspended indefinitely for alleged forgery, impersonation and other misconducts. The traditional ruler of Akumazi Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Stephen Chukwuyemeze Osagie III (JP) made this known to Ika Weekly at his palace over the weekend.


According to the traditional ruler, the suspension of the chief became necessary when he allegedly used the obis name, signature and position to demand money and other things from people, especially from those who were arrested and detained at Asaba, in which he also used the Obi?s name and position to secure bail without the Obi?s permission as the traditional ruler of Akumazi kingdom.


The Obi further said that Chief Egboh who was summoned before the elders forum in Isiube quarter in Akumazi Kingdom to swear if he was innocent of the accusation that he collected money from the family of those detained in Asaba before bailing them in court, in the Obi?s name and position, allegedly refused to swear. The monarch noted that any one who was bold enough to exhibit such unscrupulous character, thereby desecrating the tradition and culture of the land, is not worthy to be a member of his council of Chiefs. The monarch therefore said that by this act, the suspect is no longer be a member of his carbinet until further notice and advised the general public to take note. He therefore ordered Egboh to stop parading himself as one of his Chiefs in Akumazi Kingdom until otherwise instructed.


The Obi thanked his Chief?s for the mutual relationship that exists among them and said he appreciated the people of Akumazi as they are law abiding. He prayed to God for peace, progress and unity to reign in his kingdom.

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