to the secretary of the Youth Movement in the village, it was alleged that the
deceased, whose name could not be ascertained as at the time of filing this
report, was living in the house of someone in the village as a tenant; and that
most inhabitants of the village used to see the late man as a mentally retarded
individual. He stated that about the third week of the month of May, 2009,
villagers who used to go to farm, were shocked to see the dead body of the man,
lying by the side of the road leading to their farm. When the news got to him,
he quickly went to verify the report. It was then he went to see the caretaker
of the house where the man used to live. He was however told by the caretaker
that the matter has been reported to the Agbor police station, but was told to
report back in order for the police to process the papers which he would submit
at the Councils Health Department, a request which he, the caretaker could not
meet, as he was said to have reconsidered his movement to the police station
and the local government council.


the corpse was left alone by the side of the Owuwu farm road. Four weeks to the
time of filing the report the decomposing body of the deceased was still on the
road, and has been emitting offensive odour that disturbs the inhabitants of
the area. The secretary of the Owuwu Youths has therefore, on behalf of the
community, called on the authorities concerned to go to the farm road and
remove the gory sight, as it has been preventing villages from going to their

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