It was a shocking and unbelievable sight when the men who were digging a soak-away pit at Efeizomor by Osamor Street, Boji-Boji Owa, Ika North East Local Government Area on Thursday July 23, 2009, beheld the lifeless body of their colleague lying where he was supposed to have been resting on site.

According to our source, the deceased who was a bricklayer until his death went to his daily job and was digging in the soak away pit, when he beckoned to his colleagues to come and takeover so that he could take a little rest as according to him, he was not feeling fine. He was thereafter relieved of the job for a while as one of his co-workers took over from him.

The source further said that after a while it was the turn of the deceased to do the digging and was as such called upon. Filled with curiosity at the silence that greeted their various calls, they decided to rouse him from the deep slumber he must have fallen into, but behold he was stone dead. His colleagues then raised an alarm and quickly reported the sad occurrence to the police.

In another development a lady was found dead in an 18-seater bus that was commuting from Lagos to Onitsha on Friday July 24, 2009.

Ika Weekly gathered that the bus started waving when they got to Edo State which made the driver to stop and checked round the bus to see if there was anything wrong with the bus but he did not find any fault. They continued on the journey, however, with the driver wondering what was wrong with the bus as it continued to wave unsteadily.

It was when they got to Texaco at Agbor-Obi Junction when the driver stopped for some passengers to come down, while some wanted to urinate that the passengers sitting with the woman at the back seat asked her to alight so that they too can do so but she did not respond to them. They thought she was in a deep sleep, so they tried to wake her up but she did not respond, not knowing that the woman was already dead. The driver of the bus was dumb founded not knowing what to do.

The source also revealed that there was a police man in the bus, who told the driver not to be afraid that he will accompany him to the police station to give report about what happened.

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