Afraid To Marry?

Dear Teresa
 About three months ago, I sacked my boy friend because he was talking about marriage. This is the 4th boyfriend that I am sacking in the past five years, just because they were getting too serious with our relationship by asking me to marry them. I even had to abort a pregnancy to make sure I do not marry my last boyfriend. I will be twenty-nine years old on my next birthday. I realize that I am not getting any younger, but my problem is that any discussion of marriage puts me off and I find myself immediately begin to withdraw from the men. What really is my problem? Am I sick or is it just that I am not matured yet? How can I make myself to marry a man? I am very worried because I have a man in my life again.


Miss Felicia Kika

Boji-Boji Owa-nta




Dear Felicia

 At 29, you are old enough to marry. At 29, you should be emotionally matured to marry. Your case is not an unusual case and there is nothing wrong with you to make you worry. Your predicament is that you are not very sure of your relationship with your ex-boyfriends. You felt nothing emotional for them and that was because your relationship with them was not based on love. You were just seeking fun with them or just playing around with them. You did not love any of them. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with you. Yours is a case of friendship without love and because what you felt for them was not love, you could not commit yourself into marrying any of them. The truth is that when you eventually meet the right man, you will fall in love with him and you will accept to marry him.

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