He Lied To Dislodge Me




Dear Teresa
For the past three months my boyfriend has been behaving strangely, sobbing me, shouting on me and he has even stopped visiting me. And because of the rough time we have been having, our love making has stopped. The bad part of this saga is that he has refused to tell me what the problem is. Everything got to a head just two weeks ago because we finally broke up. But before we broke up on that day, we had a show down and he called me a cheat and a flirt. When he said this, I was shocked and dumbfounded because I didn’t do any of such things. I was really terribly devastated because I truly loved him and was afraid of losing him. But the good part of the quarrel was that in the heat of his shouting, he told me that Alice told him of my exploits. The funny part is that Alice is my very good friend. Why Alice lied to my boyfriend I don’t know and why my boyfriend should believe her I don’t know. Do you think that both of them are lovers and this is their ploy to dislodge me?


Miss Lauretta Diokpa




Dear Lauretta,

It is a possibility that Alice and your boyfriend are secret lovers. If that is the case, then your boyfriend can actually contrive any story to break up your relationship. Even without Alice knowing what he is doing. Therefore, to confirm your fears, confront Alice. Let her confirm or deny gossiping to your boyfriend. The outcome of your discussion with Alice will determine whether you will fight to win back your boyfriend or you will let things remain as they are now and move on with your life.

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