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unfavourable political situation in Ika South Local Government Area has been
described as very unfortunate and disturbing. The assertion was made by the
immediate past vice chairman of Ika South Council in the Transition Committee,
Hon. Mcdonny N. Odiase.


Odiase who was fielding questions from Ika Weekly in his office on Tuesday
August 18, 2009 at Agbor said that ?the political situation in Ika South leaves
a lot to be desired. There is not much to write home to mother about Ika South
politics. Like I pointed out in one of my articles, the bane of politics in our
Local Government is that there is no recognized leader. It is not as if there
is no leader, it is just that our people are finding it difficult to identify
and follow the leader. Hence the creation of splinter groups within the PDP
family in the LGA. And as I usually say, a flock without a shepherd usually
gets malnourished. And it can also be poached on and devoured easily by wild


further, he posited that the situation has contributed a lot to the near dearth
of development in Ika South as he noted that ?it is easy to see that the
development that ought to be coming to Ika South is coming in trickles and not
as expected. And of course, everybody can see disenchantment on the faces of
our people. If you look across the divide, it is evident that we are not
getting what we ought to receive. You are well aware that some villages in Ika
land have street lights while Agbor (metropolis) does not have. Most roads are
not even motorable. All these are as a result of uncoordinated efforts on the
part of our people.?


PDP Chairmanship of the LGA, Hon. Odiase regretted that it has continued to
polarize the people saying with the congress and subsequent harmonization, it
was expected that a strong PDP leadership would have emerged and the LGA will
be better for it. ?Many thought we were near eldorado but alas, everything has
gone back to shambles. We are now in a state of incomplete disorder,? he


ex-vice chairman berated some persons for being inordinately ambitious, saying
that it has engendered a situation where everybody wants to be a leader, even
though in his words ?leadership has certain attributes which everybody does not
possess. We now find ourselves in a situation where ‘grab’ grab? tendency is
the order of the day.?


solution he said is for the people to identify their leader and accord him
recognition, adding that it is also important for the people to realize that
leadership is about manifesting the attributes for good following rather than
for someone to be shouting ?I am a leader, I am a leader? with negative


Odiase who was a Trade Manager with the University Press PLC where he was
sponsored for a post-graduate diploma in publishing commended Ika Weekly on
what he referred to as ?objective and concise reporting.? He noted that in the
last two years Ika Weekly has improved tremendously, especially in the area of
reporting. ?Your reporting has not gone unnoticed. You have strived to report
exactly what you see and come across. There is a bit of lucidity in your
reporting. However, there is room for improvement. But I still commend you


Honourable who disclosed that he has been in the publishing industry for over
32 years and has authored many books which include My First Lady (2005) and
Intrigues of Inheritance (2007) expressed satisfaction with the level of
coverage of the different communities in Ika land, saying it has helped to
project Ika Nation before the world.


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