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family of Mr. Ojeifoh of Abavo in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta
State residing at No. 9 Aliagwu St. Boji Boji, Owa have declared Mrs. Mary
Ojeifoh missing.


Ojeifoh, a staff of Ministry of Land Survey and Urban Development, Area
Planning Office, Abraka
Road Agbor
Delta State
left for work on Thursday 13th August according to the children and has not
returned home since then.


of the children Master Daniel Ojeifoh who spoke with Ika weekly reporter in
their residence said they waited in vain for their mother to come back that
ill-fatted Thursday until, he decided to visit her office where he was told his
mother told her colleagues in the office that she had a call from someone,
inviting her to undertake a land processing work for him and that since she
went to answer the call no body had set eyes on her.


Master Ojeifoh said on receiving the information, he called her line but instead
of receiving an answer, the phone was immediately switched off.


therefore, appealed that any one with useful information about her whereabouts
should contact the nearest police station, Ika Weekly office at old Lagos Asaba Road or
phone the children on 08066263654.


another development, Little Master Wisdom Ochonogor, the young boy who was
declared missing by his parents about two weeks ago has been found by his
parents hale and hearty after a frantic search for him both within and outside
Orogodo metropolis.

to Ika Weekly recently, the mother of the boy, Mrs. Evelyn Ochonogor, said that
on that fateful day, about two weeks ago, she was inside their house along
Obaigbena Street, Owa-Alero, Ika North-East Local Government Area, preparing
something for the family; when she discovered that her son, Wisdom Ochonogor
who is the last out of her six children, was nowhere to be found. She explained
that after searching for some time with no trace of her son, she began to raise
alam. She went with her husband, Mr. Ijeoma Ochonogor, to the police station at
Owa-Oyibu, to report the matter. However she said that on that very day of the
incident, she noticed that the younger sister to her husband’s second wife who
visited the family from Owerri , Imo
State, and has been
living with them for about two weeks, was also nowhere to be found. That made
Mr. Evelyn Ochonogor, the first wife of Mr. Ijeoma to begin to  suspect some foul play on the part of the
second wife’s younger sister.


the police station Mr. Ochonogor was told to go with his second wife to Owerri
and see if little Wisdom was there. Meanwhile several phone calls have been
made to their people in the village, and also to the sister of the second wife;
who told then  she did not know anything
about the boy. According to Mrs. Evelyn Ochornogor the family has visited
different churches for prayers and to seek the whereabout of Wisdom.


was when they got to the village of the second wife that they saw little
Wisdom. As soon as the younger sister of the second wife noticed that they were
around she was said to have taken to her heels. And up till the time of filing
this report the woman has been on the run; while  the police has ordered  the couple to look for her. Mr. Ochonogor who
said that he did not know that his wife’s younger sister could do such a thing,
was given September 12, 2009 to produce his wife’s.

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