In this era when political office holders believe that any position they are occupying is just to satisfy their insatiable greed and selfishness and when the representatives of the people hardly deem it fit to open constituency office where the people can channel their requests to them, a councilor in Ika South Local Government Area did not only open a constituency office but also employed a staff to run the office. The office is located at No 182 Obi Ikechukwu road, Ime-Obi.

The councilor, Hon. Fidelis Igumbor, representing ward 2 in the LGA informed Ika Weekly that he is the first and only councilor in the Local Government Area to set up a constituency office with a paid staff on monthly salary. He also disclosed that he is the first councilor from the ward to have attracted constituency projects that include the electrification of developing areas in Ohumere, Ihogbe and Obiolihe quarters. He equally revealed that plans are on to sink boreholes in Oruru Idumuagbamise, Orikeze Avenue and Idumu-Ogala quarters, build ultra-modern lock up stores at Ohumere Daily Market along the Benin- Asaba expressway in his 2010 constituency projects.

Hon. Igumbor who exuded confidence and high articulation throughout the interview said he has been able to make this modest impact as a result of the good leadership of the council chairman, Hon. Hilary Ibude whom he described as a visionary and listening leader. He stated that because of Hon. Ibude’s leadership disposition, he (Ibude) remains the only council chairman in Ika South whose administration has touched the 18 wards in the LGA, through fairness and honesty saying that if past administrations in the LGA had done close to what this administration has done, Ika South populace would have experienced drastic socio-economic change. "I want to state without equivocation that the dividends of democracy should and must not be channeled to individual pockets but rather should be directed towards the social and economic empowerment of the people who gave those in positions the mandate. Leadership is not by words of mouth but action that will improve the well-being of the people. It is on this note that I am calling on the good people of Ika South to continue to support the administration of Hon. Ibude, a visionary leader with a sense of purpose and commitment to the well-being of the people" he stated.

The councilor who has been representing the people of Ward 2 for about I year and 7 months now at the council charged the people of Ika South to recognize, respect and honour excellence as virtue of leadership and not allow their reasoning to be beclouded by sentiments and factions, as according to him power is meant to be used for the betterment of the lives of the people and not to oppress and intimidate them.

Responding to the question on the viability of the council’s legislative arm, Hon. Igunmbor who has functioned in the past as the PDP LGA auditor, administrative secretary, and also deputy leader of the House, stated "In terms of oversight functions of the legislative House, we cannot be said not to have performed creditably except on few occasions. I want to say however, that the executive arm has been responsive because whenever they erred they always make amends, which makes a harmonious working relationship possible between the two arms of government in the LGA. The unfortunate crisis that rocked the council as we all know was orchestrated and fueled by some self-seeking leaders in Ika South for their personal and selfish interests that has nothing to do with the populace. I am advising our people to be wary of such leaders. We should all encourage peace and not division. We should learn to be more constructive instead of being destructive. For in the event of crisis, visions are killed, and dreams are slaughtered at the altars of greed and self-aggrandizement."

Hon. Igumbor who disclosed that he is planning an empowerment programme for the people of his constituency, particularly pupils and students early in 2010, noted that as councilor representing ward 2, his records and performances within the ward and at the council level are open for people to judge.

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