8 year old GSM thief nabbed

An 8 year old boy who specializes in stealing GSM phone was caught while indulging himself in the nefairious act by group of persons at a GSM call center along odozi street on 9 february 2010 at exactly 8: 45 pm.

According to the owner of the shop ,the said boy came to purchase recharge card and in the process, stole the phone use for making call;"the young man came to buy recharge card from me and he give me five hundred naira, I when inside to bring the money and I notic that my GSM phone was missing from the table and I questioned the boy on the missing phone but he denied ever taking it"

Unfortunately for the boy, another recharge card seller acrose the street saw the boy hiding the phone inside the pants. With the boys denial and the threat to beat him up, the boy was searched where the missing phone was found on him. After multiple questioning by the crowd who gathered at the scene due to the melee, the boy confessed saying a please forgive me, I am sorry for what I did, I promise I will not do it again". When the boy was taken to their house at Iregwa street, the mother appealed to the owner of the phone for settlement, begging that the boy acted at on his initiative, a lam a widow strugging to cater for the family,this boy have become thorn in my flesh inspite of my wish to make him a better person".The mother of the boy amidst tear told Ika weekly that the boy have stolen Nokia phone last December where he was almost lynched.

In an interview, a man who pleaded anonymity told Ika weekly that the is showing incipient character trait of stealing which may be disastrous to his life, the situation is not tackled, a inspite of the care giving to the boy my his mother ,this boy is bring bad name to the family, he need deliverance otherwise he will come a hardered criminal which will led to his untimely death"

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