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Osegi street, situated in Agbor was
constructed during the administration of the then military administrator of
Bendel state, General Ogbemudia. For very many years now residents of this
street have been finding it very difficult to gain access to their homes due to
the very bad nature of the street. The attention of Ika Weekly Newspaper has
been drawn severally pertaining the deplorable condition of the street by her


In an interview with some residents of
the street, they expressed disappointment over what they describe as
government’s insensitivity towards their plight. One of such persons is Joy
Okoh, who stated that the road has become an eyesore to both residents and
visitors alike. She added that since she came to the street more than three
years ago, the road has remained the same. She regretted that no serious
maintenance has been carried out on the street for a very long time. Saying
that the only portions of the road that are accessible are the  Mariere and Mordi axis, which is as a result
of the repairs that were carried out by Sir Fortune Ebie. Joy Okoh therefore
called on the authorities concerned to look into the repair of the road
urgently, especially during this rainy season, as it has become worse than


Mr. Fredrick Ebuh who also resides in
the street stated that the road was surrey during the second tenure of the
former governor of Delta Stat, Chief James Onanefe Ibori. He said that
unfortunately only the Okoh street junction and some parts of Baleke streets
were touched by the workers at that time. He said that he saw no reason why
government shouted start a job which they cannot finish.


However, the landlord of 37, Osegi
street, Mr. Johnson Okoh said that the erosion has  been affecting his building negatively, which
made him to form a barricade in front of his house to diver the erosion that is
ravaging the street. He stated that the bad condition of the road has made the
street to be flooded, drainage systems damaged and electric poles pulled down.
He added that the electric pole that was pulled down recently by the rain was
erected by residents of the street.


Another man who pleaded for anonymity,
said that during the time of Chief James Ibori, the People Democratic Party,
Ward 8 members used to hold their meeting in the area, and yet members of the
party could do nothing about the condition of the road. He said that the last
time the road was rehabilitated was in 1985 when some asphalt was used on the
road, adding that since then nothing has been done to maintain the road.


A walk along the street could easily
show that the street has long been forgotten. The  drainage systems have been destroyed long
ago, threatening to extend to people’s house along the street. Some residents
have resulted in using molded blocks to form barricades, in order to prevent
flood from carrying their houses. Some residents of the street also said that a
contractor came to the street about four years, trying to lay underground
pipes, which raised the hope of the people. They however lamented that for four
years on, nothing meaningful has been done concerning the pipes of the road and
the dilapidating drainage system. Some of them also blamed the government for
awarding contracts to incompetent hands. They decried a situation where
contract would be awarded to a contractor, and in the end, half or nothing of
the work is done. They regretted that sometimes the nature of the road becomes
worse than before the commencement of work by such contractors.


Residents of the street are therefore
calling on the authorities concerned, to urgently come to their aid and carry
out proper repairs of the street because the situation, they said, is fast
getting out of hand.               

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