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The suspension of Hon. Doris Uboh,
member representing Ika Federal Constituency in the Federal House of
Representatives, alongside ten others by the Hallowed Chamber, and the
disappearance from office, of the Speaker and member representing Ika South in
the Delta State House of Assembly, Barrister Martin Okonta, have continued to
be a source of concern to Ika people. This is happening at a time, when many
Ika residents are decrying high level marginalization of the area by
government, particularly the Delta State Government.


Their argument is that, the absence of
the two law makers in the Houses of Representatives and Assembly respectively,
may hamper the execution of developmental projects  which need urgent attention in Ika land. But
on the other hand what have they achieved for the land since they were voted
into office in 2007?


They reasoned that,  Hon Doris Uboh and Barrister Martin Okonta
have not lived up to expectations, judging from the stupendous wealth they have
acquired for themselves while in office, to the detriment  of Ika people, who they claimed to be
representing. And that, it is very regrettable that this period government at
all levels, in their bid to remain in power are doing everything possible to
assuage every strained nerve by rushing to complete awarded governmental
projects in the country, our representatives fighting and acquiring wealth for
themselves, friends and families.


Here are the excerpts of the interview
conducted by Ika Weekly with some people in Ika land.


Rev. J.O. Ashien, General Overseer,
Light of Christ Ministry, Agbor opined that the suspension of Hon Doris Uboh,
even though Ika people are concerned about it, is not forever. For the Lower
House will soon lift the suspension on the Progressives because they are being
pressurized by many Nigerians to do so.


In his words “if somebody is suspended,
it does not mean he or she is sacked. The suspension of Hon. Doris Uboh and
other progressive members in the Lower House will soon be lifted. Highest three
months, which is not forever. Even if Hon. Uboh has not achieve much for her
people (Ika people), she has justified herself in the fight against corruption
by being a member of the Progressives, who are kicking against the Speaker
House of Representatives, Rt Hon. Oladimeji Bankole corrupt leadership style.
But the question is, on whose interest is she fighting for.?


On the issue of Barrister Martin Okonta,
he said “it is a pre-election matter: which is expected to end at the Supreme
Court. Unfortunately the P.D.P has not said anything about it. Okonta has not
done well for Ika South, so whether he is favoured or not by the Supreme Court
is not our problem. In that regard, I 
advised  Nonye Philips to be
patient since he has waited for three years. Justice may be delayed but not


For Mr. Johnbull Oriahi, he asserted “we
are tired of them. I did not say, they should not eat but they should work
first before eating. And even if they have everything going on well for them as
Honourable members, the mandates given to them by Ika people should not be
taken for granted. We are not fools.” Saying that “The problem with the
South-South politicians unlike their north counterparts, is that, they spend a
lot during election. At the end if they are elected, will only be indebted to
the powers that master minded their win at the expense of the masses. I am not
condemning them  but  blame them, for not using their senses.”


On his part, Mr. David Orumgbe, an
Action Congress member lambasted the PDP for imposing candidates for elective
positions on Nigerians, which according to him undermines the tenets of true


He said “the Nigeria Political System
has indirectly become a one party affair, due to the unchecked dominance of PDP
in the country’s administration. That is to say, if someone is not contesting
under PDP platform, he or she is seen by many Nigerians as a looser.” Stating
that “The end point of course is the party’s continued imposition of their
choice candidates, who will dance to their tunes, into elective positions.”


“Incidentally two such candidates are
Hon. Doris Uboh and Barister Martin Okonta. On our own side (The masses) they
have failed woefully but on the side of the cabals that brought them to power,
they are seen and  celebrated as national
heroes who deserve to remain office for three tenures.”


He therefore, advise all Ika people, as
well as residents in Ika land to stop worrying themselves about the absence of
the aforementioned law makers on legislative matters, for they have failed
already. Rather they should be on their knees each day, praying fervently for
the liberation of Ika land from selfish and corrupt politicians.


In the same vein, Mr. Osaro Odabi, a
health officer based in Agbor, condemned completely  the misrepresentation  of Ika people at both the Delta State House o
f Assembly  and Federal House
Representatives by the two law makers representing Ika South and Ika Federal


He stated that “Although we are worried
that we have no representatives both in Asaba and Abuja at the moment,
following the suspension of Hon. Doris Uboh by the Federal House of
Representatives and the yet to be decided Supreme Court pre-election case
between Hon. Martin Okonta and Nonye Philips, because we want our interest to
be projected.” “The big question is that what have they been able to do for Ika
people since the  past three years that
they have been in office.? What is happening to our million of naira
constituency allowances.? So let us worry less about them, as we pray to God to
bless us with selfless, credible and charismatic leaders come 2011” He


Also, Mr. Victor Ehiosun, a concerned
resident for the growth and development of Ika nation, asserted that “I know
that Hon. Uboh and Barrister Okonta’s absence on legislative matters mean a lot
to Ika people despite their low level of performance. Just as people would say
half bread is  better than none, their
representation still count. They may not be perfect. But at least must have
affected the lives of one or two persons in Ika, they should be


On the other hand, Mr. J.N. Osagie, rtd
Civil Servant, blamed the two law makers from Ika South for their insensitivity
to the plight of Ika nation. He reasoned that since they have not been able to
achieve any tangible thing for their people after three years in office. Few
days of absence on legislative business will not make any difference.


According to him “I blamed them for
contributing to the plight of Ika people. They are contributing to our plight
in that, we gave them our mandates to represent us in government and to be our
voice in areas that we need government attention. Yet, all they do is to
collect money meant for all of us  from
government. To enrich themselves.” Adding “the masses, with their little income
and exposure ironically become advocates of themselves, since they cannot watch
their future being dashed by selfish and unpatriotic politicians.” He however,
advise all residents in Ika land to be wise in their votes next year.


However, Hon. Doris Uboh and Hon. Martin
Okonta are before now active members of the Federal House of Representatives
and Delta State House of Assembly. While the latter, who is the speaker of the
State House of Assembly embarked on voluntary vacation in order  to attend to his private matters, the former
was suspended late last month, following a brawl in the Federal House of
Representatives  between the acclaimed
Progressive members and the House leadership.  


Watch out next week for more of what Ika
people think about Hon. Doris Uboh and Hon. Martin Okonta stewardship.


Editors Note: If you want to express
your opinion on the above burning political issues, send your comments and
photograph to Ika Weekly office at 108 Old Lagos/Asaba Raod, Agbor. Or call
Augustine, 08069287815.

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