The headline of this piece: Political Group Kicks Against Imposition, published in Ika Weekly newspaper, caught my attention but I felt disappointed that people of this caliber could appear
in newspapers campaigning for a particular political party instead of
diagnosing the major problems of Ika nation. It sounds so myopic,
un-coordinated, selfish, and with all element of sycophancy. Even in Afghanistan,
there is decorum.

It is now believed that “Uhuru”
is too far to realize. That is, that collective developmental achievement in
Ika land will be a mirage. For the men and women of Ika south to achieve
development, we must take away sentiment from all our thinking. Political
statements must be devoid of sentiments. 
Stead-fastness, truth and above all, the fear of God must be the watch

There is no doubt that some
people have no moral justification discussing political matters that affect Ika
south or Ika nation. These are the same people that have connived with the
present and past leaders in denying the people the dividend of democracy.
People with any sense of honesty and decency are easy to detect either at close
or far range. It is pathetic that the bigger criminals are calling the smaller
ones evil.

Why should we continue
recycling the same people that have not added value to the political activities
of the local government? We want new ideas for now. Ideas that do not spice
political violence that will crumble credible elections.

I beg for one thing to be
done. This group should define what they mean by foreigners since their
statements have remained vague and lack bearing. Somebody that is a thief
remains same irrespective of his or her residence or status in the society. What
our people need are straight forward issues.

1)      Good health system

2)      Electricity

3)      Good roads

4)      Security

5)      Employment. 

Getting these items
achieved from the government is the essence of having representations at the
various levels, but this purpose is no longer achievable because of characters
in place.

This party, PDP, has been
in power since 1999, close to 12 years. It is paramount they convince the
people why they should remain in power. They should be able to tell the people
their relevance and why people should continue voting them in power.  This time around, we should call for
manifestoes and programs from candidates as it will be helpful in making choices.

Brothers, our past
experiences have thought us that our problems are on individual and collective
representations, Ika people have never had good representations for a very long
time, it is very unfortunate.

Umu-eboh, if this group is
the mouth piece of Ika south, I challenge them to condemn all our past
representatives at various levels for the failures we have seen in Ika nation
from 1999 till today. They should be named and shamed, what this group should
be talking is credible candidates not political parties.  Think of how to organize political debates
for every contestant at all levels. The candidates should come up to defend
their claims, to be moderated by unbiased credible men without any political

People should be there to
ask questions, if is the “megida” or mallam that is found worthy to develop our
land so be it. Why must we campaign for an Agbor man who can not think
development in local govt. and if there is a “megida” who is synonymous with
development, I do not need a magician to tell me the better candidate. I don’t
care what ever party. What matters at this point is the content of your
character and not political party.

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