I was offered money to withdraw case against Sam Obi

 “I do not believe in fighting halfway. I want
justice, both for myself and for my supporters. I have been approached with
monetary discussion to discontinue the case. I refused the money because I do
not want to join the corrupt group. I know I have lost a lot of money, but
somebody must stand up to stop the cabal who think they can decide for the
majority,” he said.

Mr Uweh said he went to
court in 2007 as precautionary measure after he understood that his name was
being substituted, adding that when it was clear that he was going to win the
case, the crooks came up with a letter purporting his expulsion from the party.
According to him, the said letter of expulsion did not emanate from his ward,
adding that even the then State Secretary of the party, Barrister Ososa, had
written to both the party and INEC that he was not expelled.

 ‘‘I know perfectly well how P.D.P operates. It
is only my ward that can initiate my suspension and the ward wrote that I was
not suspended. Some people used legal officials of INEC both  at Abuja and Asaba to commit the heinous
crime of substituting my name. The case is like the one between Celestine
Omehia and Rotimi Amaechi. There is a subsisting judgement.

 ‘‘The federal Court at Abuja ruled that I was
the candidate of P.D.P but that I was suspended and as such I could not be
sworn-in. I have long returned to court to prove that the allege suspension was
a hoax,” the resilient aspirant claimed.

Continuing, Mr Uweh said
the adoption of submission would come up this month and hoped that judgement would
soon be made. He insisted that he would not be bothered if he was swoon in a
day before the end of tenure.

‘‘I know that the four year
tenure will soon end but I do not mind because it is important that we stand up
against evil and corrupt tendencies. Other developed democracies paid for the
level they attained. I offer to be part of the change in the interest of our
nation and democracy. They have too much money to delay the procedure but I
will triumph finally,” the former teacher asserted.

Mr Uweh confirmed that
positions have been zoned in the area by the leaders. According to him, House
of Assembly is zoned to Owa(East), while chairman of Council is positioned for
Ute/Umunede/Igbodo/ Akumazi axis(North). “Therefore,” according to him, “nobody
from the North who decides to run for the state assembly has respect for
political leaders.”

The soft-spoken politician
said as far as he was concerned the chairman of the party in the local
government area is one Mr Smart Omordia.

“The party executive
appears confusing because in Abuja we know that Smart Omordia is the party
chairman but some people arrived here to form and fund a parallel executive.
They are only deceiving the people but not for too long,” he asserted.

He said the apparent lack
of adequate government presence in Ika was due to selfish advice sponsored by a
few. He said the call for a radical political change in Ika land is

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