Uduaghan cannot endorse Doris Uboh

In politics, there are more fallacies than facts but it will be near suicidal to ignore any half truth. And more so when the name of a governor, who has established himself as a man of fairness, is being associated with such wishful permutation.  
Few weeks ago, it was reported that some people protested against the insinuation that Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, the Executive Governor of Delta State, has endorsed the second term ambition of Hon Doris Uboh.
There was the suggestion that the alleged endorsement was as a result of alleged pressure from the presidency. The suggestion is faulty because if she has such easy access to the presidency she should have been able to attract federal presence to her constituency. In addition, Bankole would not have succeeded with ease to lock her out permanently from the National Assembly.
With every certainty I am convinced that the governor cannot endorse her, not least during this mantra of a new dawn when the people will vote freely and their votes will reflect results declared. The governor does not intend losing some local government areas months before elections are held.
Even if the governor may have any reason to endorse an aspirant, he is too smart not to know that Doris is like a horse that every pundit will not be willing to place a dime on. An internet opinion poll powered by Ikaworld.com as at last Friday showed almost eighty percent of votes against her candidature.
A woman who has been told that she lacks all the traits to remain a member of the House of Representatives as expressed by her suspension cannot be foisted on the people under any guise.  Since her suspension, there is no significant protest by her party members and community leaders.
She has been reportedly referred to as very arrogant, as blatantly confessed by Ika community in Abuja. It is easier to get access to Dr Jonathan Goodluck than  for her to even respond to a greeting, not to mention a peep into her ‘White House,’ moulded and fabricated at Agbor, her hometown.
There are flyers being circulated, showing her achievements. They portray her providing hospital equipment, science apparatuses, and water boreholes, farming tools, hair dryers and loans to petty traders.
There is no doubt; that she provided some health needs such as condoms. Of what use is a loan of N250, 000:00 to the wife of a very rich monarch or to a former councillor. Let the people not be deceived; the money was not hers; she was only a guarantor.
She promised to provide ICT starter packs, but she has not fulfilled the promise, hinging her failure on the excuse that the beneficiaries need training first. The eye test and optical glasses she sponsored were the hoax of the century.  Health attendants and cleaners were recruited to act as opticians and optometrists. In the foreseeable future, the dangers will manifest. 
Let it be said straight, provision of boreholes, and citing them at the palaces of monarchs do not reflect dividends of democracy to the people.  Some monarchs have, of late, become more anti-people than the politicians.
At various occasions, Hon Doris Uboh said the fertilizers, cutlasses, condoms, hair dryers, and cotton wools were self-financed. When will she execute her constituency projects?
Representation demands providing unhindered access to the people who gave you power on trust. It requires response to phone calls and enquiries
It is attracting developments without clannish inhibitions.  Somebody who gives me appointments without keeping them cannot represent me.
My legislator should return my calls and text messages. He or she cannot continue to claim I am inferior when I do not believe I am better than any. I want my legislator to build projects good enough for my governor to commission.  My legislator should ask Mrakpor Ameachi and Elumelu Ndudi how they brought projects to their constituencies.
I do not think that Dr Uduaghan wants a replay of that ugly incident at the floor of the chambers, where my honourable representative was pummelled and dragged out of the House with damaged ego. I have the tape and it is not a happy viewing.
 Whoever loves her should help in her recall. And I am sure that the people of Ika have been disgraced for too long.
Our major preoccupation should be how to convince our brothers in Ika North East to accept that Ika South be given the slot since  Dr Ifeanyi Okowa is very likely to coast home, victorious, as the next senator. 
Hon Doris Uboh, was foisted on the people, and now the wool over our eyes has been removed. The very route she used to come is still open for exit.

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