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Human Right Restoration Movement, H.R.R.M, an organization which aims, amongst
other things, is to protect the rights of Nigerians, and which is under the
leadership of Barr. IfeanyiAghaulor, has expressed disappointment over the
collapse of the Orogodo bridge bypass and government’s attitude concerning the
handLing of projects within the Local Government Areas.

Speaking after an
emergency meeting that was held recently at the national head office of the
movement, situated at 37 Memeh Street, Boji-Boji-Owa, the movement said that
after having inspected the collapsed bypass bridge poorly constructed by
Hi-Tech engineering company, the contract of N3.3 Billion to dualize the Old
Lagos-Asaba Road, construction of culverts, slabs where necessary, street
lights and having totally examined the collapsed bridge, has noted that it is
unfortunate that His Excellency, Dr. Emmanuel EwetaUduaghan is insensitive to
the problems of Ika nation.

“The movement in
the past has gone to the press, particularly Ika Weekly newspaper, dated December 27, 2008, and captioned ROAD
PROJECT: ROTEC LEASE JOBS TO SUB-CONTRACTORS. Still another one dated February
28, 2009 captioned IS DELTA STATE USING ROTEC TO PUNISH IKA PEOPLE and another
one dated February 27, 2010, captioned N5.5 BILLION SOON TO BE WASTED, AS
HITECH ALSO ABANDONS PROJECT. These are publications credited to the Human
Rights Restoration Movement. But the government of Dr. Uduaghan paid deaf ears
to the publications,” the movement stated.

The movement
maintained that first and foremost, Governor Uduaghan awarded a contract of
N2.2.Billion to ROTECH. The contract is said to include the tarring of Old
Lagos-Asaba Road, Dr. Whyte, Imudia, Osunho, Okoh, Convent, Obaigbena and
Efeizomor Streets. “The government should find out, having paid over N1.6
Billion to Rotech, if the money paid so far justified the job done. They moved
out of site by creating more ecological problems for residents.” the movement

On the issue of
Hi-Tech, the body observed that Ika people were grateful to Governor Uduaghan
for awarding N3.3 Billion contract for the dualization of Old Lagos Asaba Road
and other accessories therein, but has also noted the first failure of Governor
Uduaghan appointing his party faithful, Pastor Mrs. CordiliaOyan. “We have
faulted where someone who is not qualified for a job is appointed to same. For
instance, the Director of Special Protect for the dualization of Old Lagos
Asaba Road. This position is a position exclusively reserved for qualified
engineers with proven integrity and experience. It has come to the notice of
the movement that the said Director has no educational training in relationship
to road construction and engineering. As far as the movement is concerned, she
remains a stack illiterate in this area of discipline, as she cannot see,
observe and correct any anomaly at the construction site,” the movement
continued, adding that “if she has engineering knowledge, she would have
observed, being the eye of the government, that the dropping of pipes in the
river and sand filling same is against the force of water flood. Accordingly,
we call on the Governor, if he means well for the people, to sack the current
Director of Special Project and appoint a competent engineer who will represent
Ika people in the said project,” the movement declared.

The body observed
that the State Governor, during his electioneering campaign, made so many
promises to Ika people to which Old/Lagos was part of it. The group then asked
the Governor to observe a quiet moment to see if his promises given to Ika
people have been met. “There is no road in the land, no potable drinking water;
Doctors were on strike recently, all primary and secondary schools are in bad
learning condition. No social welfare for the people and no sense of feeling of
Government in Ika land. We want to further say that it was due to insensitivity
of Delta State government that led to the collapse of the bypass bridge. From
available since the collapse of the bypass 
record, Motor Traffic Division (M.T.D) of the Nigerian Police, Ika
South, have recorded over 20 accidents 
out of which  about 10 persons
have lost their lives, vehicles badly damaged. All these occurred as a result
of the collapsed bridge caused by Hi-Tech Construction Company. If Hi-Tech had
acted professionally; all these would have been avoided. Accordingly, we the
members of Human Rights Restoration Movement are left with no option than to
call on Governor Uduaghan to resign his appointment as the Governor of Delta
State. His election as Governor of Delta State has brought pains, sorrow and
hardship to Ika people and all ethnic nationalities comprising Ibos, Hausas,
Yorubas, Urhobos, Itshekiris and Ishan resident in Ika land,” the body
explained.The movement called
on all Ika sons and daughters to be watchful and mindful of those they will
elect into various positions, saying that the era of rigging is over.
“Everybody should embrace the wind of change being propagated by His
Excellency, Governor Adams Oshiomole with regards to one
man-one vote, and one woman-one vote. The movement will continue to be the lone
voice in the wilderness towards informing and educating the people of
Nigeria.”   And Ika in particular’

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