of same age, to death, during a disagreement they had on the night of
that Saturday.According to Ika Weekly investigations, the youngman
whose name was given as Nwachukwu Samuel was said to have beaten the girl whose
name was given as Rose Okoro, an SS1 student of Ogbemudein Secondary School,
Agbor, to death, after an undisclosed disagreement they had at an occasion both
of them attended. Nwachukwu Samuel was said to have  taken the late Rose Okoro to a dark corner,
close to the venue of the event, and started pounching her, in the process
hitting her on the chest, which led to her bleeding profusely through  her mouth and nostrils.

Ika Weekly was informed that immediately
the youngman hit her on the chest, he walked away to continue dancing, while
the poor girl was writhing in pains. It was those who were standing some
distance a way who saw him punching her that went to accost the youngman, where
he was dancing, that the person he just hit a while ago was dying. According to
the source, the youngman was practically dragged back to where late Rose Okoro
was lying half dead. He was thereafter compelled to carry the girl, who at this
time was in serious pains, to the Central Hospital, Agbor, where doctors
confirmed her dead.Narrating the
unfortunate incident to Ika  Weekly, the mother of late Rose Okoro,
Mrs.  Justina Agholor said she was at
home that night when some persons came to inform her that her daughter, who
left home a while before, has been beaten to a point of death. She said she
immediately ran out of the house, only to see Nwachukwu carrying her daughter
on the shoulder, running. According to her “I called on him to stop, but he
adamantly refused, so I had no option but to run after them. Nwachukwu got a
bike and took her to the Central Hospital. When I got there later, I was told
that my daughter was dead. I was later shown her corpse. When I confronted the
youngman he accepted being responsible. But as I speak with you, now, he is
nowhere to be found. He has  ran away.
His father is however being held by the police at Owa-Alero, who are currently
investigating the matter. My daughters corpse has been deposited at the Anioma
Hospital Mortuary.”

The girl’s father,
who gave his name as Mr. Benson Okoro, a native of Igbogili, Abavo, in Ika
South local government area told Ika
Weekly that he was woken up at about I am that Sunday morning with a phone
call, l informing him that his daughter was dead, and that she was killed by
one Nwachukwu Samuel.” Early that morning, I rushed down to Owa-Alero, only to
confirm that what I was told was true. I was also told that the youngman is
nowhere to be found, as he has disappeared. The police had to arrest his
father, who is currently in police cell. We want to see Nwachukwu before
knowing the next line of action.”

Ika Weekly  was told that 
the said Nwachukwu Samuel, who is not a student nor learning any trade,
and the late Rose Okoro are both from Idumuebor quarters in Owa-Alero. “Infact,
their houses are very close to each other”, the source volunteered.  The boy’s father, who as at the time of
filing this report was still in police custody is known as Mr. Samuel Obaye,
while the mother’s name is Ihiorunkwu Obaye.Speaking also, the head of the family, Prince
Kingsley Efeizomor said that the family has decided that the mother of
Nwachukwu be handed over to the police. “However the family of the youngman has
promised to make him available to the law enforcement agents.” He said he
regretted the sad incident, saying that it was a big blow to the family and the
entire Owa-Alero community.

When Ika Weekly
visited the Owa-Alero police Station, the Divisional Police Office was not on
seat as he was said to have gone out on official assignment. An anonymous
source at the station however confirmed the 
story saying that the  police is
currently investigating the matter.

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