a  Alhaji, of
Oki village, Agbor, was thrown into 
mourning on Wednesday evening, 10th  November, 2010, following  the death of their eleven years old son
Onyisi, who they said hanged himself in an uncompleted storey building in his
father’s compound. The late little Onyisi who before his death was a J.S.S One
student in one of the secondary schools in Agbor, a family source disclosed,
never complained one day of hunger, or oppression from his parent, that would
amount to the level where he will hang himself.

According to the
source, Onyisi has been a good and gentle boy. He has never complained of
anything as his parent provides virtually all things his heard siblings needed.
They lacked nothing only God knows whether he intentionally did it or was
killed by unknown assassins”.

Another family
source, in tears, revealed that, “when Onyisi came back from school on that
fateful day, he did not leave his parents house because he had some domestic
assignment  that he was asked to do.
Because we were not thinking of any evil, let alone death, we did not notice
his absence in the house, until our mother came back home and started asking
after him. We started to search for him, only for us to see his dead body in an
uncompleted storey building in the family compound, with rope on his neck,
while the rest of his  body was seated on
a small size sitting room table.When Ika
Weekly  visited the compound
which was situated at No 30 Ojeifo Street, 
Agbor, some of the sympathizers ranging from business associaties,
family members and friends of Alhaji, who have come to commiserate with him and
his bereaved family doubted the ability of late, little Onyisi to have the mind
to bring himself in such a high ceiling stand, saying that  there must be a foul play somewhere. Efforts
to reach Alhaji and his wife as at the time of the visit proved abortive and
was fruitless as they were still heavily saddened by the ugly incident.

the compound housing the uncompleted storey building, where it was said little
Onyisi killed himself has a perimeter fence with security barb wires all
through the fence. Even the height of the ceiling hanger, the table and galoons
said to have been used by the little boy, gave doubts that he actually killed
himself.  Nevertheless, the case has been
reported by the family of the deceased boy to the Agbor police station, which
has since commenced investigation.

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