The much talked about Old Lagos/Asaba road, the only major  road that runs through Boji-Boji metropolis, in Ikaland is now wearing a new look. The road, which before now, was a reflection of government’s insensitivity  to the plight of the ordinary people, is now motorable. Motorists, Okada riders and even pedestrians are now having  pleasant ride on the road, which  a few weeks ago was littered with massive potholes, and was practically a death-trap to the people.
Infact, the poor state of the road which elicited sharp reactions from the people of Ika community particularly Ika Landlords/Landladies Association, who braved all odds to stage protest marches at Asaba and Agbor, was indeed a nightmare to road users especially motorists and Okada riders.
All entreaties from Ika people to the state government under the then leadership of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan were rebuffed, as the government paid  deaf ears to the cries of anguish of the people of Ika nation. Calls by some persons and organizations on the authorities, to put palliative measures in place, to cushion the increasing effect of the bad road on car owners and other road users were not headed. At a point, many people considered plying the  Old Lagos/Asaba as suicidal, as the potholes had graduated into gullies deep enough to swallow vehichles.
All that have now changed, as the state government, through the Director Labour Agency, DLA is rehabilitating the road. The road  agency which commenced work shortly after the acting governor, Prince Sam Obi was sworn-in and after his pronouncement that serious  attention will be given to it, has intensified work on the road. All the major bad spots have now  been rehabilitated, with motorists and Okada riders having jolly good ride, on the road, that a few weeks ago was almost unmotorable.     Encomium has continued to be poured on the acting governor Sam Obi for seeing it as mandatory to direct the DLA to carry out major rehabilitation work on the road . Many of those who bared their minds to Ika Weekly were of the view that when the will power and sincerity is there, government can achieve much, considering the huge resources at its disposal. Some of them went to the extents of asserting that the former governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan was not sincere in his dealings with Ika people, who they argued gave him almost 100 percent support in the 2007 election, that threw him up as governor.
They noted that with the deplorable state of the road, and with the attendant effects on the socio-economic lives of the people of Ika nation, Dr. Uduaghan, using his good offices, was supposed to have taken  short term measures, to put the road in good shape. Many of them wondered the sin the people  of Ika nation may have committed to warrant the blatant  neglect of Ika land, especially the Old Lagos/Asaba road, whose dualization was promised to the people during Uduaghan’s campaign in 2007.
According to one of them who chose to remain anonymous  “Uduaghan never meant well for Ika nation. The man only believed that we are only good at being used to achieve the baseless and selfish aims of politicians like him,  who after making vaunted promises never  fulfil them. With what is happening, you can see the benefit of having you own in a good position of authority. If not God who made a way for Prince Sam Obi, how could our people have celebrated the Christmas and New Year with the only major road in Ikaland ridden with potholes. I will remain grateful to the acting governor and thankful to God,  who made it possible for an Ika son to occupy the position of governor. See what he has succeeded in doing in just  about a month. Imagine if he was going to be there for four years. I am calling on Ika people to always pray for him, and other political leaders, who are seeking for higher offices, and that have good intention for the people”.
It should be recalled that Sam Obi, even before he became the acting governor, had continued  to reiterate his resolve to seeing that the Old Lagos/Asaba road was dualized. He had on several occasions, given his word that the road will be completed. Immediately he was sworn-in as acting governor, he promised to make the road motorable, which is what the people are experiencing today. With this development, it is beaming clearer that the major factor that was working against the Old Lagos/Asaba road, was the reluctance  of the former governor, Dr. Emmanuel  Uduaghan , to make funds available for the dualization project. Ika people are however hoping that the tempo of work on the  road will be increased, as some measure of construction  activity is going on at the Orogodo axis of the road.

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