It was a pathetic scene at the house of  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Azogbulem, No 26 Jakaye street, Agbor. According to Mr. Joseph, the fire started at about 8am on Wednesday, December 8, 2010, when he was washing his car and getting ready to go to the farm with his wife who was just coming in from outside. The two little kids of the new tenants ran outside to play, because they were left alone at home by their mother who left the house in the morning. They saw some smoke coming out of the new tenant’s room, knowing that there was not no-one in the house, the couple started looking for how to quench the fire, but before they could put it off, the fire has burnt the belongings of the new tenant, the other tenant’s  apartment and has spread to their own side of the house. “I could not bring out anything from my apartment, it was a pair of native shirt and trousers which my wife was able to take from the house that is what I am putting on now,” he said.


Speaking to Ika Weekly, the Landlady of the burnt building, Mrs. Nnenna Joseph Azogbulem, said when she woke up that morning, she came out to sweep the compound, after sweeping, she saw the woman who newly came in leaving the house and their lantern was still on. Mrs. Nnenna said she was boiling some yams after which she went to buy some palm oil that would be used to eat it when they get to the farm. She stated that it was there she was coming from when she and her husband saw the smoke coming out from the tenant’s room. Mr. Joseph said this new tenant who was about two weeks old in his house, has not paid his rent, because he told them that the least he could take from them was N12,000 for four months.


“They said they were going to pay for two months and brought the money to me about 10pm two consecutive night which I told them that I do not accept  money in the night. They parked into my house, promising that they are going to give me the money and up till this time, I have not heard from them concerning the rent”.


He said he was going to report the case to the Police. The mother of the new tenants who was there alleged that the lantern was not on, when her daughter was going out early that morning.


As at the time of filling this report sympathizers were at the scene of the fire incidence, consoling the Landlord of the house and his wife. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Azogbulem. They  passionately appealed to individuals and organizations to come to their aids as all their belonging have been completely razed down by the fire. 

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