N  for CPC because
sometime in October 2010, some disgruntled PDP politicians led by a former
secretary to state government bulldozed their way into our party and hijacked
our party machineries without following due process. This politician, who
contested election during the last governorship re0run under the platform of
the Republican Party of Nigeria and lost woefully with less than 100votes from
Ika North local government area and his group has to our surprise, moved back
to ACN. For the past four years before I decamped, my supporters and I have
been the brain box and backbone  of ACN
in Ika North east and we worked tirelessly to make sure ACN became a household

Bar Egbule who said that the CPC
national chairman is Gen Muhamadu Buhari who is also a Presidential candidates
noted that the party is a party for people with integrity and credibility
“Reports reaching us show clearly that the national ACN and other Progressive
parties have decided to endorse Gen. Buhari of CPC as the sole presidential
candidate to challenge PDP, that is why we have come to prepare the grounds for
that contest. I hereby urge all members of ACN in Ika North east and other persons
who are interested in genuine and transparent governance to join hands with us
to push PDP out of this state. Our structures in the party is still intact and
in due course, the general public will know who our LGA and state executive are
as we are still harmonizing issue.”

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