IKA WEEKLY – Last edition talked about the need for women to make good use of the extra-ordinary strength given to them by God; stressing the fact that the home should be protected from anything that can hamper its peace.


The article has been generating reactions from the public especially women who feel that the menfolk are not giving their wives the opportunity to be of real help to them.


They say some men find it difficult to share their problems with their wives, making it impossible for the women to know when and how to assist them.


One thing that the men must understand is that any man who refuses to share his burden with his wife is cheating himself and depriving himself the relief God provided for him through the woman.


One of the words of our elders says that ‘a problem shared is a problem half-solved”. Therefore, the men should learn to trust the help ability of the woman and put it to good use.


It is important to note that when a woman is given a chance to play her role in her husband’s life, she feels loved, trusted and important, and therefore strives to do her best so that the man does not feel disappointed.


Some men say the problem they are going through is their personal problem, and not their wives’, forgetting that both of them have become one.


If you could pick a wife, you should be ready to share ‘you’ with her, your problem became hers and vice versa.


If any man feels that his wife is not knowledgeable or strong enough to handle his life’s crisis, he should train her, work on her until she becomes the woman he really needs.


The concern of this paper is to see every home enjoy the peace and fulfillment that God promised it.


But this fulfillment cannot be a reality if the members of the home especially the couple are working in isolation, handling their individual problems personally, when they can easily get relief by confiding in each other.


Even though the task of building the home rests mainly on the woman, the man needs to encourage her by giving her a fair playing ground.


She is not just a reproductive machine, but a partner created by God to help the man accomplish his dreams.


The society will have maximum peace if the home is at peace, therefore let every man and woman do their best to create a peaceful home and every one will be better for it.           

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