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                             TERESA: THE MARRIAGE COUNSELLOR

Dear Teresa

My problem is becoming too big for me to handle because I am getting frustrated by my husband’s actions towards our love life. I have been praying very hard so that I will not break down and go astray. I married my husband in October, 2004, about three years ago and at the beginning our love life was very beautiful. But since last year, he has cooled off in making love to me. You will not believe that since this year, we have only made love three times and yet we are not sick. My big problem now is that we have only one child, a baby girl. Apart from satisfying me when I heed it, how does he expect us to have more children? My puzzle is that I know he is not flirting with other girls because he is a business man and we are always together because we run the business together and he is always home from the time we close shop until the next morning. I love my husband very much. He is very kind and caring but he is killing me slowly but straying me of his love making. What do I do to remain sane and happy in my marriage?


Mrs. Agnes Nimnuoku

Boji-Boji Owa.





Dear Agnes

Your husband’s case is not common in men but it exists. This type of problem is more in women than in men. And in most cases, wherever it is found, it is usually a medical case and it requires medical attention, because in most cases it is caused by hormonal imbalance. The first thing to do is to talk to him to see a doctor. Secondly, since you are convinced that he is not cheating on you, and now that you know that his problem can be sorted out by the doctors, don’t be angry with him and don’t feel bad about it. Instead, be more sympathetic with him. Stay emotionally close to him by touching him, cuddling him, sitting side by side in the parlour romancing, playing and holding hands both in public and in the house because these activities can help him build up the deficient hormones and make him more sexy.


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