My Girl Is A Virgin



Dear Teresa

About six months ago, I met a girl and we fell in love. Our love for each other is so strong now that we are thinking of getting married. But my problem is that even though we do everything from kissing to romancing, she has refused me making love to her. She says she is a virgin and wants to remain so until she marries. How can I be sure she is telling the truth? And how does she expect me to marry her blindly in this 21st century where everybody is street wise? Supposing after marriage I find that this girl has laid to me, what do I do?


Tony Max Nwandu

Boji-Boji Agbor.




Dear Tony
If this girl loves you, she will not lie to you. If you love your girl, then you should believe her. But if you must find out before you agree to marry her then there are other ways to find out other than through sex. Visit your doctor and your midwife can carry out a simple test to confirm. If you will accept my candid opinion, I will say just go ahead and marry your girl because to be a virgin at her age in these times is a testimony that she will be a faithful wife.

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