Traditional cultural music has been described as a pride to any society. The assertion was made by the leader of Good Name Cultural Dance Group, Mr. Melody Ebenuwa while speaking to Ika Weekly at Agbor on Wednesday. Mr. Ebenuwa stressed that it is difficult for any society to make notable cultural impact when it abandons its traditional music and songs.


He emphasized that traditional music is a special and acceptable medium through which societal norms and morals are transmitted from one generation to another, adding that any society that does not acknowledge the place of music in community development is bound to experience a “disconnect” in the drive towards development.


Speaking in the same vein, the deputy leader of the group, Chief (Dr.) Tessy Efenwongbe called on the people of Ika nation to join Good Name Cultural Group in promoting the traditional cultural dance and other aspects of our culture that are fading away as a result of the influence of western culture.


She urged the people to always make traditional cultural dance part of any social engagement in the area, so as to restore the former glory of Ika land. She pointed out that the gods of Africa do not understand western language in worship and praise.


Chief Efenwongbe emphasized that cultural music is needed at festivals, coronations, marriages burial ceremonies, and other social engagements within and outside the area.

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