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Mrs. Favour
Amufua, the patient suffering from fibroid tumor has rightly lived up to her
name, as she has been highly favoured, when she received succor from Dr. (Mrs.)
Isioma Okoba, the U.S. based Doctor, who is well known in Ika land for her
humanitarian gestures towards the less privileged in the society.

Mrs. Amufua who
said she was very, very surprise to receive a phone call from Dr. Mrs. Isioma
Okobah on Saturday morning, to go to Ika Weeekly office to collect the  sixty thousand Naira(N60, 000:00) she said
she needed to remove the stitches on her. She stated that she was very
surprised because Ika Weekly newspaper was just getting into the market, when
the humanitarian woman called her from the United States. When she asked how
Mrs. Okobah got to know about her problem, she was told that as soon as Ika
Weekly is put into the market, it is also sent to many people abroad and placed
into the internet.

Mrs, Amufua who
was at Ika Weekly newspaper office in pains and in tears penultimate week
eagerly, asking to be publicized for her travail, said that when it dawned on
her that the former clinic where she had the major operation on the fibroid,
was not ready to continue with the treatment unless she paid the complete
amount of money charged, decided to cry to the general public. She stated that
she could not believe her ears when she heard that Dr. (Mrs.) Isioma Okobah has
sent the sum of sixty thousand Naira(N60, 000.00) to help her offset her
medical bill. She said that she was filled with joy, as she was carried to Ika
Weekly office on Saturday,
October 15, 2011, to receive the money. She maintained that after
receiving the money and also hearing from her neighbours, she took a decision
not to go back to the former clinic where the complete amount of money was
demanded by the Doctor before the treatment could be continued. “My friends and
neighbours who saw what was happening to me, realized that if I should go back
to that Doctor, it’s possible he would not treat me with open mind. That is why
I refused to go back to him after I received the money,” she told our reporter.
She said however, that when she got to the General Hospital,
the management expressed displeasure in the way the former clinic treated her,
saying that the Doctor who carried out the operation, was supposed to be the
one to complete the work. They however headed her plea for further treatment at
the General Hospital. After going through her case
Mrs. Amufua said that she was examined by a Matron, upon which she was treated.
She said that the Doctors in the General
Hospital did not take any
money from her. She was only told to go and buy some of the drugs that were
recommended to her by the Doctors.

Mrs. Favour
Amufua said that the drugs are expensive; but with the money sent to her by Dr.
(Mrs.) Isioma Okobah, she has been able to buy the drugs, and she is now
responding fast to treatment. She said that for now, she has been placed on
special diet, because of the operation that was carried out on her. She went on
to say that so far, as at the time of the interview she has spent the sum of
thirty-five thousand Naira(N35, 000.00) out of the sixty thousand naira that
was given to her by Dr. Mrs. Okobah. She said no other money has been given to
her apart from the one she got from the Philanthropic Doctor with the milk of
human kindness. She used the opportunity to thank Dr. (Mrs.) Isioma Okobah for
the money she received from has, asking God to bless her immensely. She stated
that she will need more money to enable her purchase some special foods and
drugs that were recommended for her.

Mrs. Amufua said
that she used to sell food at the Musa abattoir, along the Uromi
Junction-College road; but that since she fell sick, she could not continue
with the business. She stressed that, even now that she has undergone a major
operation, she cannot continue with the work anymore. She said that when she
gets better she will like to start trading in petty goods in front of her
house; but that she would need money to enable her go back into business. She
lamented that she has sold all her procession trying to treat herself. She
appealed to kind-hearted individuals and organizations, including churches and
Non-Governmental Organizations, to come to her aid financially, so that she
will go back into business as soon as he condition improves.

Mrs. Favour
Amufua who is still receiving treatment from the General Hospital as an
out-patient can be reached on her mobile telephone number, 0706 052 8985.

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