AGHAKUN BRIDGE POT HOLE: No Lasting Solution In Sight







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The Aghakun River
bridge along the New Benin-Asaba expressway, close to Mr. Bigg’s fast food
restaurant seems to defy all efforts by the Government to put everything right
once and for all on that bridge.

From available
records, the gaping pot hole, on which is almost becoming a wide dish one side
of the Aghakun bridge, the side where motorists moving down the slope from the
Uromi Junction axis, towards Asaba started a few years ago. At first, it was
not very noticeable to both motorists and 
pedestrians who passed through the road one daily basis. However, as
time went on, the pot hole started becoming a threat to human life. Accidents
started occurring on that part of the expressway almost on weekly basis,
especially at nights. One of the pathetic stories was the accident that
occurred sometime last year, 2010, when an ambulance conveying a casket with a
corpse inside, hit the pot hole and somersaulted several times, thereby
injuring and killing some persons in the process. The wreckage of the ambulance
was later drifted by a heavy downpour from where it was situated, right at a
corner of the river.

To say the least,
the pot hole on the  Arakun bridge has
caused not less than ten fatal accidents between last year and this year.
Nevertheless, the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA), on their part says
they have tried several times to repair that 
part of failed potion of the road. Not too long ago, about three months
now, a major repair was carried out on that same part of  the road. With the kind of work that was  carried out that period, it was the thinking
of many that a permanent solution to the threatening pot hole on the Aghakun
bridge had finally come. The top of bridge was well filled with gravel and
laced with tar. It was re-constructed in the such a way that motorists began to
make their journey smoothly home.

However, anyone
passing through the Aghakun bridge of recent will notice that the pot hole is not
only back to its former life threatening shape, but is also getting worse by
the day. The gap on that bridge is getting 
so wide on daily basis that people are begging to feel sorry for  unsuspecting motorists who pass through that
bridge without being aware of that failed potion of the bridge.

The Christmas
period is fast approaching when people travel home to celebrate. Already
praying that  no lives will be lost on
the Aghakun bridge this year as nothing is being done to put a  lasting solution on that part of the bridge.
Members of the Federal Road Maintenance Agency, including other relevant bodies
have been called upon to find a permanent solution to the ever widening pot
hole on the Aghakun bridge. It the suggestion of many that, if nothing is done
concerning that failed potion of  the
bridge till the month of December, concerned citizens of Ika land should think
of what to so in order to save the lives of many who may be plying the road
during the festive period. The should not consider the fact that the bridge
belongs to the Federal government. Let them think about the number of lives
that they will save and the good name they will be making for the Ika people
and posterity to remember.

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