Owing to the high rate of unemployment in Ika nation, some youths in the area particular graduates have strongly condemned the hoarding of employment by some top politicians of Ika extractions for their children, friends and family members alone. The youths who made their minds known at the weekend during an interactive session organized by the Ikoro Ika Movement in Boji-Boji, Owa. said they are not against any political leader from Ika Federal Constituency but are not happy with the way they (leaders) handle issues concerning youth development. They also frowned at the  attitudes of some Ika people who are only good in creating sentiment that Ika Communities are not one.


One of the youths, Mr. Desmond Kimekwu said Agbor, Owa Abavo, Umunede, Ute-Okpu and other kingdoms in Ika nation are one and should be speaking with one voice. He explained that Ika nation is the integrated kingdom of Agbor, maintaining if some Ika political leaders continue to create factions in the land because of personal interest, Ika nation will never move forward. He therefore called on all youths in Ika land to be resolute and steadfast in their decision, saying that if every Ika person will agree to shun sentiment and work towards a collective goal, Ika nation will be a very good place for everyone to live in.


In the same vein, Mr. Sunny Onwuka, a youth leader and political stalwart in Ika South enjoined Ika youths to make honesty and hard work their watchword, adding that they should not allow politics to disrupt them from achieving their aims objectives.

 Also, Com Tony Jumbo, a youth leader from Abavo advised Ika  youths not to trade their future with stipends from politicians but rather stand up  for their right by saying no to failed political leaders who want to continue using the youths to achieve their own selfish interest.

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