The failed portion of Aghakun Bridge which purportedly  has claimed several lives in the past has been given a facelift after all, barely five days after it was published in Ika Weekly newspaper concerning the dilapidating nature of the bridge.


Sources close to Ika Weekly had it that the big pot hole which is situated right on top of the bridge as motorists descend the slope from the side of Uromi junction towards Asaba, has become a nightmare to both motorists and  pedestrians alike. It was gathered that men of the Federal Road Maintainance Agency (FERMA) have tried to repair the failed portion of the bridge several times in the past, all to no avail. The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) have also tried on several occasions to make sure that accidents are averted on that part of the bridge.


 In the morning of Thursday, October 27, 2011, men of the Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA), Agbor zone were at the Aghakun Bridge to carry out what they described as a final solution to the broken part of the bridge. According to one of the workers who preferred to speak on grounds of anonymity, it has been noted that so much work has been carried out on the bridge in the past, and owing to the fact that the more work is done on the bridge the wider the pot hole, which could be attributed to the number of vehicles that cross the bridge on daily basis, the Agency has come up with another method of repairing the pot hole, so that it could be permanently fit for  motorists to pass through. He said that, now that the Christmas and New Year Celebrations are fast approaching, there is every need  for the Agency to put a permanent solution to the failed portion of the bridge in order to avert accidents in that part of the express way.


It is the hope of many Ika sons and daughters, including road users who frequently cross the bridge, that a lasting solution will be found on the failed portion of the expressway.

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