Girls have been advised to pay more attention to their studies instead of running after their male folks, as that attitude could ruin them for good.


The advice was given by Mr. Friday Uwagboi, of Oligie, Igbanke, in a chart with Ika Weekly on Monday. He stressed that if the Girls  concentrate on their studies, they would not have time for men who are only out to destroy their future. He said that education is the only thing that could extricate them from poverty, which they may think they are running away from by allowing themselves to be deceived by men.


Mr. Uwagboi equally enjoined parents to take special interest in the up-bringing of their children and wards, by always monitoring them, and directing them aright. He pointed out the need for parents and guardians in Igbanke to make sure that they provide the needed educational materials for their children and wards as they resume for the first term.


He emphasized that children are the best investment any parent could have, noting “when you train and give you child good and qualitative education, they will be there to support and look after you when you are old and feeble”. Uwagboi also decried the poor service of Celltel, the tele-communication giant, in and around Igbanke. He stated that since the installation of their mast, their services have not been steady, stressing that outside the people in Oligie junction, people in other parts of Igbanke and Ekpon hardly receive or make calls with their celltel lines.

He therefore appealed to the management of Celltel to improve on their services in that part of Edo State.

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