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Hundreds of people from different communities in Ika
land were last week Wednesday 27th October to Friday 29th
October, 2011 given free medical treatment by a United States of America based
non-governmental organization known as African Women’s Cancer Awareness
Association. The three days medical mission to Ika land was sponsored by Ika
National Association in U.S.A headed by Mr. Mike Ebie and was supported by Mr.
Steve Ekiri-Mekiriwa Ashien, Publisher, Ika Weekly Newspaper, Managing Director
of Danbe Pure Water and Leader Collective Leadership of Onu Ika, Mr. Dan
Usifoh, Chief Mrs. Henrietta Ajuebon Egbarin JP and Chief Dr. Edwin Kalikwu of
Uninted States of America.

The Managing Director of Ika Weekly, Mr. Steve
Ekiri-Mekiriuwa Ashien, Mr. Dan Usifoh and Chief Mrs. Egbarin all through the
days the medical programmes lasted did not rest as they were physically present
at Ika National Hall, venue of the exercise directing and providing assistance
to both the patients and the U.S based medical team. The aforementioned persons
with the help of other prominent Ika sons and daughters and their best to
provide necessary logistics i.e acc. for the august visitors. The medical team
which comprised physicians, educators and cancer survivors during the three
days free medical programme treated people on high blood pressure, sugar and
cholesterol, hypertension, fever, impaired vision, breast cancer, among other
ailments. Lectures on nutrition and diet, and cardio pulmonary resuscitation
were also given.

Some of the beneficiaries of the free medical programme
who spoke to Ika Weekly have these to say: Mrs. Christiana Odiase, who was
treated of body pains thanked the organizers of the exercise particularly Ika
National Association U.S.A under the leadership of Mr. Mike Ebie for the love
and concern they have for their fellow Ika citizens, praying that the Almighty
God will continue to bless and keep them in good health so that they will do
more for humanity.

Mrs. Rosa Ojeifo, a Ninety year old woman from Oki, who
was brought to Ika National Hall by her daughter, Mrs. Onyibe Angela, was
treated of ear and pains. According to Mrs. Onyibe, before she brought her
mother for treatment she was not hearing well but immediately she was treated
her hearing capability improved. Mama Ojeifo and her daughter wished all
members of Ika National Association in U S A best of luck in all their
endeavours in life. They thanked the medical team also for leaving their
comfort zones in America to offer free medical treatment to their brothers and
sisters in Nigeria.

Mrs. Olor of Israeli Affairs who could not hide her joy
said she was treated of eye problem. “These people have really done marvelously
well. I greatly  appreciate their
selfless service  and pray that God will
bless them.

For Mrs. Julie Isibor from Abavo who was treated of
hypertension, what Ika National Association in U.S has done will remain
evergreen in hearts. She wished them well in all they lay their hands to do in

Maria Eboh, from Agbor-Nta, who was treated of Belly
ache and waist pain said  God will bless
“these our children that gave us free medical treatment. For remembering us,
God in His divine mercy will never forget them in life.

Other patients who spoke, are Mrs. Esther Ebite, Mr.
Edward Odumba, and Mrs. Ijiehon they said they are grateful to the organizers
of the free health medical exercise, adding that they should not relent in well
doing, for if they do not, their rewards will be both on earth and in heaven.
However, the African Women’s Cancer Awareness Association has undertaken many
medical mission around the world including many parts of Nigeria and Africa. It
is founded by Mrs. Ify Anne Nwabukwu, a qualified and experienced nurse/
hospital administrator based in U.S.A. Under the leadership of Mrs. Ify Anne
Nwabukwu, the Africa Women Cancer Awareness Association has embarked on many
medical missions in Nigeria, Serra-Leone, Sudan and other parts of the world.

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