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JSS 111 students
of Mary-Mount College 11 were Thursday 3rd November, 2011 sent home
for not having text books needed for all subjects.

Speaking to Ika
Weekly, some of the students said they were driven outside the school premises
by the vice principal because they had no textbooks for the fourteen
subjects  that they are being taught.
Most of them were said to have English Language textbook and a literature
novel, while others  had math’s, English
and did not have literature  novels for
now. Some students said their parents have not been paid salaries and as we all
know times are hard as the cost of things are increasing everyday.

Speaking to one
student who spoke on  condition of
anonymity said she has English and math’s textbooks  but she was yet to be given money for others.
She also said that the standard in their school is depreciating and the
learning environment is no longer conducive and encouraging for learning. She
pleaded with the state government to assist the school by providing them with
books    ,Library and equipped labs. She
urged the government to help renovate their school as most of their
buildings  are collapsing and the roofs
are leaking, she said  almost in tears.
She begged the school authorities to help them, promising that they will  buy their books in no distant time.

Another student
who spoke to Ika Weekly said it is unfair to have driven them out without pity
stressing that most of their parents are yet to be paid. She  begged the state government and the
commissioner of education to provide them with learning materials as most
students are from very poor homes and can’t afford the high price of books. She
stressed that the school lacks labs, libraries, toilet classrooms and chairs,
stating that most classes have up to 200 students. She appreciated the efforts
of their teachers towards impacting knowledge to the students but stressed that
the school now lacks facilities to educate the students there. She pleaded with
teachers of various subjects to bear with them, that they will buy the books

The principal,
who came outside the school to send the students out, urged the student to go
home and inform their parents of the schools decision. She said any action
taken by the school is to help train the students and make them better persons
in the society. She stressed that students who are to acquire knowledge should
have textbooks in various subjects especially mathematic, English Language and
literature. She said the school is doing all it can to ensure that the students
have quality education, stating that every year the school have records of
failures in mathematic, English and literature and she believes that failures
can be reduced if the student are provided with the necessary books.

However, every
effort to hear the comments of the teachers of the school did not yield any
result as those approached refuse to say anything to the press.

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