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Chief Denis
Araro, former chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW,
Ika South Chapter, has condemned in strong terms, the rumour making round in
Agbor and the publication last week in Ika weekly and other newspapers, that,
late Mr. Sunday Boi, his personal driver, who was murdered in a cold blood on
Tuesday afternoon,21 November ,2011, in Agbor was a spy. He said late Mr.
Sunday Boi was at no time a spy, as he was not only loyal to him, but also good
to every body.

According to him,
Sunday was repairing a car on that fateful day in preparation for his journey
to Abuja the next day When he was attacked by some gunmen who came with  a black jeep that has a number plate number
and a bus believed to be that of an apex youth group in Agbor.

Chief Araro
revealed that since he was removed from office as the chairman of NURTW in Ika
south, the incumbent  leadership of the
union has been looking for ways to kill him and some members of the union loyal
to him.

He further
revealed that  he did not bring thugs
from Warri to overthrow the incumbent NURTW leadership as he is innocent of all
allegations on him that he is the one causing troubles in Agbor. He said he and
some friends were on their own the day Sunday Boi was killed, when they heard
people shouting at Professor Ebie street, a stone throw from his house, and
when they rushed to the direction, they watched the gunmen shot on at leaving
his brain shattered on the ground, “As if that is not enough, in the night of
that same day, those gunmen still came to my house and started shooting
sporadically. In the process, the windscreen of the cars I parked outside,
including the windows of my house was destroyed. Chief Araro who is sad about
the whole thing accused the National Union in Ika South of the threat on his
life and that of members of the union who are loyal to him. Some eye witnesses
who lamented the gruesome murder of Sunday Boi, who they described as a gentle
and quiet man called on the police and other law enforcement agencies to make
sure that the killers are brought to book.

Meanwhile, Mr
Abiodun Omoroje , a driver, who escaped death by a hairs on the fateful day
that Sunday was killed, in his words, “ I was eating at Odozi street when
I  remembered that there was no drink in
my store. Then I boarded an okada that will take me to the place I will buy
drink. On our way going, I noticed a crowd at Professor Ebie/Isedeh  street,
immediately I tapped the okada man that was carrying me to stop. As soon as we
stopped, one of the gunmen  and a union
leader brought out a gun and shot me at a close range. I fell into the gutter
but struggled out immediately and escaped into a nearby building.

Mr Abiodun who
took Ika
weekly to the scene, where he was shot said at no time was he or Chief
Denis Araro had any intention of taking over NURTW in Ika south saying that he
did not know why they are being attacked by members of the union. He appealed
to the government to look into the union issue in Ika south, particularly
now  that the killers of Sunday Boi are
saying that they are going to kill more people.

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